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How do I get custom letterheads for my business?

Custom Business Materials: Letterhead

As a business advertising tool, letterheads serve several purposes and are almost indispensable for any business. Primarily, when a letterhead is incorporated into custom business materials, it conveys professionalism. It lets customers know that you take your business and your business communications seriously.

As a business advertising tool, custom letterhead showcases the business style and logo design unique to your business segment. For example, a day care provider may want a bright letterhead with images that parents of day care aged children would like to see in the day care, like toys and alphabet blocks.

A letterhead for an insurance consultant would be different in design by having a simple logo design and bold lettering. Custom business materials like letterheads can be ordered in bulk from online printing services with matching envelopes. At, for example, the logo design used in letterhead can also be applied to the matching envelopes, in a variety of colors and paper styles. Custom business materials like letterhead can help you develop a more professional business presence and can showcase your special business characteristics through a professionally designed logo. This way, whenever you send a customer a letterhead, they know who you are and what your business logo is, creating another business advertising tool.

How can I get inexpensive Business Advertising?

Business Advertising

There is a misconception that business advertising has to be expensive. Many small business owners waste thousands of dollars per year ordering print media for business advertising by hiring marketing agents and business advertising designers. You can save a lot of money with some simple tips to business advertising.

  • First, understand your business service. Customer perceptions are easily formed with print media when the customer is able to recognize the brand image and relate it to the service or product delivery. Inexpensive print media for business advertising can be created without hiring expensive advertising agents.
  • Think of the types of print media you want to use. Brochures, letterheads, mailers, business cards, and business folders are all acceptable formats for enhancing your professional business image.
  • Decide on a logo design that is simple and relative to your business. List the service and products you offer to help you get a clear idea of your business advertising logo design needs. Understand that your logo design will form a preconceived notion of the services you offer. Also, know that when you are creating a business advertising mailer or brochure, the customer will develop a certain expectation from the image you present.
  • Keep your service and product offerings simple, honest, and easy to understand for the layperson.
  • Next, you want to find an online business advertising print media service. There are many inexpensive online print services that can help you get your logo design and business information on paper. Some, like, will also help you create an innovative business logo design. You can order your business advertising printing needs online and receive them in as little as three days.

Where can I get a business card package to try out for free?

Free Business Card Packages

A free business card package allows you to test the waters with business card services prior to ordering customized business cards, or the free business card package can be used as your permanent business card. Many online services offer free business card packages, but few allow you to customize the business card to your needs.

Styles for free business card packages can be anything from a simple, image free design to an elaborate and artful piece, depending on your personal preference. You want to look for an online service that allows you to preview the lines of text and save your work online with the business card design prior to ordering. This way, you are able to look and share your free business card before you pay for shipping. Shipping on free business cards is low-cost and can be expedited if necessary. A good tip is to play around with several design options and lines of text before you purchase. is one company that allows you to create an account and save several free business card designs prior to ordering, and you can always upgrade to a customized premium business card at a decent price.

How do I get custom business envelopes?

Business Envelopes

Plain envelopes are common and boring. Spice up your mailers and showcase your business presence by utilizing customized envelopes. Customized business envelopes can be purchased from an online printing service in full color front and back printing and high quality paper stock. Online printing companies like allow you to create your own business envelopes by adding custom text and logo designs.

Envelopes generally come in several sizes. No.10 and No. 9 envelopes are the common sizes for business letterheads, brochures, flyers, photographs and cards. A-2 envelopes are the size for postcards and invitations. Six by nine envelopes are best for larger sized cards. Customized business envelopes are a great way to let potential and current customers see your business logo design before they have it in hand. This way, you have an additional and inexpensive business advertising tool for marketing your business presence. Also, think of corporate mailings, such as credit card bills and health insurance forms. Each of these uses preprinted business envelopes with their logo design and contact information which creates a more professional business attitude. A mail recipient is more likely to take notice of a professional envelope than a hand written envelope. This helps create a positive business impression with your customers.

How do I find return address labels with my business name on them?

Return Address Labels

Return address labels are a neat and simple way to showcase your business presence. A return address label is simply a sticky label with your business name and address imprinted on it. These can be purchased from many stationary and printer services. An online printing service like can not only offer you the same return address labels, but can help you with business advertising with thousands of designs and high quality, full-color printing.

A return address label with your business name and logo design is a great way to develop a strong business presence in your local community. So, while you can purchase preprinted envelopes with your business logo, the business return address labels can be applied to a variety of package sizes and shapes for additional business advertising. Your return address labels come in handy when mailing multiple items to many different customers, they can simple be stuck onto the envelope and save lots of time over writing out your business address all the time. Order your return address labels in bulk if you have a permanent business presence, this will save you additional money on the return address labels and shipping costs.

How do I get custom business folders?

Business Folders

Business folders are one of the more overlooked business advertising tools. Business folders are simple two pocket folders with business card holders and the front cover of business folders shows the business logo design, which is repeated on the inner part of the business folders. The business card holders act as an easy place to insert your business card.

Business folders can be used as a business advertising tool in mail and handout format. They allow for a professional format for mailing or handing out business information, such as service offerings and quotes. For example, an insurance salesperson uses business folders to give a customer an insurance quote, paperwork, and additional service offerings.

Business folders also come in handy during investor meetings because they express professionalism and give the investor something tangible with the business logo and information already imprinted on the folder. Business folders can also be ordered in bulk from an online printing service. Online printing services such as can even help you with your logo design for the business folders.

What kinds of business checks can I use with my accounting software?

Business Checks

Business checks are important to both small and large businesses. First off, business checks are highly convenient for accounting purposes because they separate personal and business purchases. Using an online printing service for business checks helps small and large businesses to print out numerous checks with or without accounting software. This means that you will not run out of business checks.

A business check with a custom designed logo and the business information also acts as an additional marketing tool--business checks simply add to the number of potential customers. When a business check is designed with an online printing service, it allows you to add the business logo, your account information, and icon or monogram.

There are three main types of business checks. Business wallet checks are the standard business checks that resemble your average from the bank checks. Three to a page checks help keep invoicing, bookkeeping, and discount calculations easy to handle by adding a side bar for record keeping to the business checks. Computer business checks can be printed directly from your computer using your accounting software for easy record keeping. Check to ensure that the online print service is compatible with your accounting software. For example, computer business checks are compatible with Microsoft Money, Intuit, and Peachtree, covering the most common computer accounting programs. Most online print services are less expensive than ordering customized business checks from your bank.

How do I get custom Premium Business Cards?

Premium Business Cards

Premium business cards have a strong impact on customers and potential customers. As a business advertising tool, a premium business card will showcase your custom logo design, name, telephone number and location.

There are many styles, designs, and ideas for premium business cards. In business advertising, it is a good idea to keep the premium business cards simple but succinct. Do not overload information on a business card, or try to showcase too many business features. A business card for a specialty lawn sculptor could list all the services from an outdoor aquarium to wall ivy maintenance, but a simple "John Smith Gardening for all your lawn sculpting needs" is simple, easy to remember message that fits nicely on a business card.

Premium business cards provide many options, from card and font color choice to foil imprints.Depending on the type of business advertising you are looking for, you may want a classic, elegant or pop culture design. Premium business card printing services like those found at can help you choose the design, and even create a custom logo for your premium business cards.

How do I get custom business materials?

Custom Business Materials: Logo Design

Custom business materials can be useful in showcasing your unique business identity. Logo design is one of the custom business materials that creates a professional business presence and helps your business stand out from competitors. Your logo design also builds a brand image, even if you are a single owner/operator, research shows that consumers respond best to a product or service with a recognizable logo design.

Your logo design should be aligned with the nature of the business while showing your unique capabilities. These special custom business materials can strengthen your brand identity. Online print services can add a business logo to any printable materials, such as business cards and letterhead.

These services can help you create your logo design in just a few minutes with easy to download logo design packages. While many online services use standard templates, they also allow you to upload your own logo design. For example, at you have the options of using a custom logo design, a standard logo design or you can develop your own logo design by customizing an image or uploading your own image. You can also use custom texts, fonts and colors to make your logo design memorable. Keep logo design simple, with bright and distinguishable colors. You don't want your logo design fonts to be hard to read, but you do want them to be unique and recognizable. A logo design shouldn't be too elaborate, the best tip for custom business materials in logo design is to stay with bold, simple messages that include the business name.

How do I get custom brochures for my business?

Custom Business Products: Brochures

Custom business products like brochures serve as a tangible business advertising tool. In essence, a brochure as a custom business product gives you something to hand to current and potential business customers. Brochures should include your logo design and contact information. Beyond that, the brochure custom business product allows you to have an inexpensive and easily distributed format for showcasing your business style, accomplishments and services.

When organizing your business brochure, give direct and to the point information. Try not to be wordy, but give enough information that the customer understands the value of your business presence. Headings such as "Services" and "Products" can be followed by a bullet point list of what your business specialty is. You may also want to include professional associations, such as you local business and trade organizations, charity events or local sports teams your business supports, and any awards or special accomplishments of your business.

For example, a catering service may list the types of catering offered and specialty deserts, major accounts such as the mayor's ball, best food service awards, and so on. Brochures are very versatile business advertising tools that can state anything you feel is important to your business, but remember to keep it short and sweet. There are many style and designs available for your brochures, online printing services like can help you choose a bi-fold brochure that fits your business profile and showcases your logo design.

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