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Where can I get unique announcements?

Unique Announcements

Unique announcements can be considered any announcement that there is not a standard format for. This can be anything, like a new accomplishment in life or business that you are proud of. Yes, you can send an email announcement for the little things, but grandparents can't put an email of your child's first place award on the wall, and customers are not likely to print out an email of a new business service and stick it on the refrigerator.

For example, hitting the ten year mark in a business service is a great reason to create a unique announcement--be sure to add your business logo to yours! Another example of a great reason to send out a unique announcement is a family accomplishment, like a report card with perfect marks or short story publication. Even a new web site for the family or business is a great reason to send out unique announcements. Family reunions are also a great reason, and a neat idea is to include an older family photo printed right on the unique announcements! These cards should explain the basics: who, what, when and where. A simple few sentences that explain what occurred and why it is special is all that's needed in your unique announcements. Specialty online printing services like let you design your own custom announcements, and you can even use your own images.

How do I order custom adoption and pregnancy announcements?

Adoption Announcements and Custom Pregnancy Announcements

Congratulations! There are few things in life more special than adding a new member to the family. Ordering adoption announcements and custom pregnancy announcements is a beautiful step in life that introduces family and friends to the new member of the family. Adoption announcements should be sent within six months of officially adding the new family member. An adoption announcement can be accompanied with a picture to show off the new family member, along with the parent's name, child's name and the child's birthday. You can also include the child's adoption date, which can be considered a homecoming date or second birthday---an additional day for celebration!

The custom pregnancy announcements should be sent out between the six and eighth month. Custom pregnancy announcements should include the parents names and due date of the baby. A neat tip with custom pregnancy announcements is to include the ultrasound image on the announcement, after all this is baby's first picture! Online printing services like allow you to upload your own image for the adoption announcement and custom pregnancy announcement, adding a special touch to your new family member announcement.

How do I choose custom engagement announcements?

Custom Engagement Announcements

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Now it's time to order elegant and beautiful custom engagement announcements. Custom engagement announcements are special notices for family and friends that can accompany newspaper announcements. This is especially important for friends and family that live out of the area. When ordering custom engagement announcements, you do not have to stick to the same theme of the wedding because these are not wedding invitations.

In the old days, you would have went to a consulting printer to order custom engagement announcements. Thanks to the Internet, you can now create your own custom engagement announcements and view them online before you order. With specialty services such as, you can use a pre-created template or create your own theme. Then you can view these online with others and decide on which design you prefer. You can also order a sampling of five or so custom engagement announcements so that you can examine the exact quality and design prior to ordering the number of custom engagement announcements that you need.

How do I create an announcement printing budget?

Announcement Printing Budget

Before ordering personalized announcements, it is important to have an idea of the type and number of personalized announcements. Knowing how many guests to expect or how many persons would be interested in birth announcements can help develop a price range for personalized announcements, The type of personalized announcements is also important, for example wedding invitations are often more fancy than birth announcements.

Printed personalized announcements should have a budget just like the actual affair has a budget. Search around for prices, but also consider quality. You want to look at the type of card stock, as some papers weigh more but also offer an additional elegance. Compare prices on engraved or inked announcements. Decide between a custom design, like those offered at, a traditional design or you can even upload your own designs. Finding a happy medium between price, quality and elegance can help spare you from overspending on personalized announcements. Your personalized announcements printing budget doesn't have to be high, in fact you can find great inexpensive quality personalized announcements with many online printing retailers.

How many announcements should I print?

Number of Announcements to Print

Always print extra quality custom announcements. This is for a few reasons:

  • Additional guests may be added.
  • Accidents may occur such as spilling coffee on the quality custom announcements that will leave you short of announcement cards.
  • Guest addresses may also change.
  • Some invitations may get lost in the mail.
The most important reason is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Ordering an additional twenty announcements is a good rule of thumb to follow. This way, one is prepared for emergencies but not stretching the quality custom announcement printing budget too far. However, if you forget to order additional quality custom announcements, most printing facilities like will allow you to 'save' your printed announcements so you can easily order more. The more quality custom announcements you print for your family and friends event, the more likely you will be able to cover for emergencies. Even if you do not use the additional quality custom announcements, you can make a special gift for friends and family by framing them or giving out extra announcements so they can be saved in beautiful family scrapbooks.

What are save the date announcements?

Save the Date Announcements

A save the date announcement is a type of custom invitation that announces the date, time, and location of an event, and most importantly allows guests who must make travel arrangements to be prepared for the affair. These can be sent several months in advance so that guests from other states or countries are able to schedule flights and time away from work.

Scheduling concerns such as catering and decorations do not have to be sent prior to the save the date announcement (the save the date announcement is a rough draft, so to speak, of the affair). Printed save the date announcements can be very simple plain cards that announce an upcoming affair. Printing facilities like offer very inexpensive save the date announcements. Remember that these are not the actual invitation, and therefore do not have to be fancy. The save the date announcements are simple pre-invitations that let traveling guests know ahead of time when and where to make travel arrangements.

When should you order and send custom invitations and announcements?

Timing Custom Invitations and Announcements

The timing of ordering printed custom invitations and announcements is important. Ordering the printing too late can create organizational conflicts for guests, and ordering too early can leave one unprepared for changes in dates and times that may occur. When timing printing of custom invitations and announcements, it is important to have the majority of celebration affairs pre-scheduled.

For example, in baptism announcements one wants to have the baptismal location, time and date already scheduled before sending custom invitations and announcements. It is also important to have decorations and catering scheduled in line with the affair. Extras such as flowers and food should be organized before sending out baptism announcements or custom invitations and announcements, this will prevent conflicts between the different services and locations necessary for the affair.

It is important to ensure the invitations are received by the guests at least six weeks before the event. This means that printed custom invitations and announcements should be ordered at least ten to twelve weeks in advance of the affair date to prevent problems with receiving and sending custom invitations and announcements. It should take less than a week to receive custom invitations and announcements, and then another two weeks for guests to receive the invitations. Specialized custom invitation and announcement services like offer expedited shipping services if needed.

How do I get matching envelopes for my custom announcements?

Announcement Envelopes

The custom announcements envelope makes an impression on the receiver before the announcement is even read. This can showcase the type of announcement, such as an elegant wedding announcement or a simple business announcement. In either case, the custom announcements envelope can create distinctive envelopes that express your personality and are perfect for business or personal correspondence with style while saving you time.

Most online services such as allow you to upload an image, such as a baby rattle for an adoption announcement or business logo for a business announcement, as well as your return address and the receiving address. This gives your custom announcements envelope a personal or professional design and impression. You can even add messages on the back of the envelope for additional flair. Custom announcements can really catch the eye when they are sent in elegant and creative envelopes, and they can be used to let the custom announcement receiver gain an idea of the mailing before they open it which can prevent accidentally throwing the envelope away.

How do I proofread printable announcements?

Proofreading Announcements

Proofreading is important before ordering printable announcements. This is because printed announcements cannot be returned unless there is an actual problem within the printers control. Misspellings, incorrect dates and times, wrong addresses--these are mistakes that are not within the printers control and simply can't be remedied other than by re-ordering with corrections. Worse yet, once incorrect information has been sent to friends and family, new information must be resent, which costs even more in postage.

Before ordering printed announcements, check that the names of the party are spelled correctly. Be sure that the time, date and location are all spelled accurately and correctly represent the affair being showcased on the printable announcement. You will also want to ensure that other information on the printable announcements is correct, for example graduation announcements should include the grade and school, birth announcements should include the infant's name and birth date.

Check the printable announcements at least twice prior to ordering from an online printed announcements service like, this will save you time, money and embarrassment. A good tip is to have a 'fresh eye' like a friend or family member go over the printable announcements with you while proofreading.

How do I use moving announcements?

Custom Moving Announcements

Custom moving announcements are easy-to-design cards that inform people of your move. A custom moving announcement can be used when moving a business or home. Make a list of business contacts, family and friends who should be informed of your new address. The custom moving announcements should include the family and business names, new address and telephone numbers. Custom moving announcements should also include the dates that you plan on moving, especially if you are going to be in between homes for a week or more, such as when moving across the country. This way you will not receive mail at the old address while you are moving to the new address.

Custom moving announcements can be fun, inexpensive and simple. You can reflect your own family or business personality. Using an online service like lets you upload a family picture or business logo to print on your custom moving announcements so you can add a personalized touch. A good tip for custom moving announcements is to upload a picture of your new home or business location to make it easier for guests to find the new location and print it out on the card.

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