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How do I get a unique and personal Holiday Card Design?

Holiday Card Design

How to create your unique holiday card design.

  • If you are using your personal image, art, or photographs for your holiday card design you will want to ensure that the software and image are compatible with the online printing service.
  • Check to ensure that the image is set within the safe margin areas. Be sure to look at the bleeding, this is what prevents white edges by 'bleeding' the image to the edge of the paper.
  • You may have to change some settings on your computer or software to ensure that the colors you are seeing are the same colors that will be transferred onto the printed holiday card design.
  • To choose your holiday card design, you can use thousands of templates, your own images, or you can have new images designed for you.
  • If you want to convey your unique self or business personality, choose images that are special to you-family photos (great for small business owners!), landscapes like snowy mountains, traditional and elegant holiday images, or even funny caricatures. All these designs and more can be found as templates at VistaPrint.com.

Are there unique holiday labels for gifts?

Holiday Labels

Tired of the same holiday labels with the same designs everyone else buys at the same stores? A really festive idea is to personalize your labels to make them all your own and stand out from the crowd! You can create holiday labels from hundreds of designs with your own personal messages, and special ordered holiday labels are about the same price as store-bought labels. This will also save you time and energy from writing your name out on every card and gift you send.

You can buy several types of personalized holiday labels from an online printing service like VistaPrint.com. Return address labels are easy to stick onto your holiday cards, and come in hundreds designs.

Personalized gift tags are another type of holiday labels that add a personal and unique touch to your gifts. You can design your own or choose from hundreds of template designs, and you can add your own messages. And if you really want to save time and hassle during the holiday season, consider a uniquely designed rubber stamp. A self-inking rubber stamp is easy to use on just about anything, from envelopes to gifts. Any of these holiday labels ideas can be custom designed with many online print services like VistaPrint.com with ease and shipped to your door in less than a week.

How can I get my family photo cards made?

Photo Cards

Photo cards are greeting cards with a personalized photograph. When designing your photo cards, you can upload your own pictures and apply them to unique card designs, creating beautiful and personal photo cards. Photo cards can be used in many occasions: one idea is to send photo cards on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day to friends and family serving (or having served) in the armed services. Photo cards don't even have to be sent for a holiday, they can just be a fun way to send updated pictures of you and your family.

Some special photo cards can be designed using a collage effect, VistaPrint.com lets you upload six images to make unique photo cards. Photo cards can come in the traditional horizontal or vertical folded cards with outer and inner personalized messages, or they can be postcard sized. Postcard photo cards look just like the postcards purchased at gift shops, but they have a personalized photo and message.

How can I make my holiday party invitations really stand out this year?

Holiday Party Invitations

If you are having a holiday party this season, consider designing your own holiday party invitations. This way, invitations will stand out from the same-old-same old. Your custom holiday party invitations take only minutes to create and can be shipped to you in three days. Online print services have hundreds of designs, and you can upload your own image, too.

Consider using a photo from last year's holiday party and remind everyone what a great time they had. You can get several different types of customized holiday party invitations at VistaPrint.com, including flat or folded holiday party invitations. These cards come in a beautiful glossy, linen or matte finish. Remember, your guests will see your invitations before they see you, so this is a great way to make a first impression.

How can I design my own personalized holiday cards?

Personalized Holiday Cards

There are several formats for personalized holiday cards. These can be standard sized cards folded vertically or horizontally or postcard sized, and can be the standard linen or glossy finish. You can also use a foil imprinting to really make your personalized holiday cards stand out this season. Collage cards are another great way to send multiple family photos.

One way to use collage cards is to combine old family photos with new ones, or to use photos of each individual family member. Up to six images can be used on personalized holiday cards for the collage style at VistaPrint.com. You can even use your own artwork, favorite poems or sayings for you personalized holiday cards, or you can have the whole family write a special message together.

Where can I get professional Business Holiday Cards?

Business Holiday Cards

Business holiday cards are a way to market your products and services this holiday season. Some tips on sending business holiday cards this holiday season:

  • Decide how many customers you want to mail business holiday cards to. You can do this through a customer list you already have or you can use a bulk mailing option which is purchasable at the United States Post Office (contact them for details).
  • Next, decide if you want to design your own business holiday cards or if you want a printing and design service like VistaPrint.com to do this for you. Either way, you want to keep your business holiday cards friendly and marketable.
  • Think of a special service announcement you can send to your clients. For example, an auto service shop may want to encourage customers to have the tires checked, a home owners insurance office may want to remind customers to have expensive gifts listed under theft and fire insurance, and a nail salon might want to show customers special holiday nail designs.

Where can I design holiday photo greeting cards?

Holiday Photo Greeting Cards

Holiday photo greeting cards can be designed with ease by simply uploading your holiday photos with a specialty print service like VistaPrint.com. Not sure which photo to use? Select a collage option and use up to six images for your holiday photo greeting cards. A business can use holiday photo greeting cards to express special holiday events and reminders as well as just to let customer's know that the business considers them important.

Holiday photo greeting cards can be ordered in packages as few as ten, or in bulk packages up to the tens of thousands. Holiday photo greeting cards let others know that you are thinking of them in an original, personal and unique way. You can select a foil imprint option to let your holiday photo greeting cards sparkle and shine. Or, you can go with the traditional linen finish and send elegant holiday photo greeting cards. The inside of the holiday photo greeting cards can be designed in all color or black and white with your own personalizes messages. A good tip is to make sure your personalized holiday photo greeting cards are printed on premium paper, which is thick enough to prevent tearing, but not so thick that the card seems bulky.

Where can I order bulk customized holiday cards?

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way to send out your warm wishes to friends, family, and business associates. You can send secular holiday cards to everyone in your address book to give them warm wishes for the winter season. Secular holiday cards are non-religious seasonal greetings messages. You can see these in most boxed cards you buy at the store, but a better idea is to design you own with personalized messages. For example, "Happy Holidays from the Smiths" or "Thinking of You on the Holidays." In particular, secular holiday cards make a great seasonal greeting for a small company's customer list. With an online print service like VistaPrint.com, you can use a design template or upload your business logo or business image, and order holiday cards in bulk.

Where can I design my own greeting cards?

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a special way to send holiday greetings to family and friends. These are not necessarily Christmas cards, they can be simple Happy Holiday wishes, Season's Greetings, and even just a quick 'Thinking about you this winter' message. Greeting cards are fun to receive in the mail, your friends and family would like to hear that you are thinking of them this year.

You can design amazing greeting cards with your own special messages with an online print service. VistaPrint.com, for example, has hundreds of template designs, styles, and sizes you can use to design your special seasonal greeting cards. These are easy to use: you can upload your own artwork (or the kids), images, and photographs. Add a personal message for your friends and family.

How do I make Christmas Cards?

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are the most popular way to send holiday greetings to friends and family. Christmas cards can be traditional, unique, and personalized this holiday season. A great tip is to create your own personalized Christmas cards through an online printing service.

Sending Christmas cards can be a fun family event. You don't have to just pick out a box of the same old Christmas cards anymore. With an online printing service, you can now design your own cards and your own personalized message for your friends and family. A great tip for parents is to have children draw thier own Christmas cards with a computer program or scan the drawing into the computer. You can also use your own family photographs. With services like VistaPrint.com you can then upload the creation onto the Christmas card, add your special card greeting, and receive the unique Christmas cards in less than a week. Special additions like foil imprinting add elegance.

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