Business Envelopes

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How do I get custom business envelopes?

Business Envelopes

Plain envelopes are common and boring. Spice up your mailers and showcase your business presence by utilizing customized envelopes. Customized business envelopes can be purchased from an online printing service in full color front and back printing and high quality paper stock. Online printing companies like allow you to create your own business envelopes by adding custom text and logo designs.

Envelopes generally come in several sizes. No.10 and No. 9 envelopes are the common sizes for business letterheads, brochures, flyers, photographs and cards. A-2 envelopes are the size for postcards and invitations. Six by nine envelopes are best for larger sized cards. Customized business envelopes are a great way to let potential and current customers see your business logo design before they have it in hand. This way, you have an additional and inexpensive business advertising tool for marketing your business presence. Also, think of corporate mailings, such as credit card bills and health insurance forms. Each of these uses preprinted business envelopes with their logo design and contact information which creates a more professional business attitude. A mail recipient is more likely to take notice of a professional envelope than a hand written envelope. This helps create a positive business impression with your customers.



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