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What are some different types of check printing software?

Check Printing Software

If you'd prefer to print your own checks instead of ordering a box of preprinted checks, check printing software can make this possible. Finding a check printing program that will suit your individual needs will depend on what you need to print checks for. If you need high security and business quality checks printed, you'll want to go with a piece of check printing software that allows you to print checks using magnetic ink, watermarking, MICR coding and other security features. If you're just printing checks for personal use, a financial program such as Microsoft Money or Quicken/Quickbooks can be used as a check printing program as well, essentially constituting free check printing software built in. Often, companies that make these programs also offer special paper to print checks from their software onto, for a more professional touch.

How do I get business checks printed?

Business Check Printing

If you have a business checking account, it's important to have the correct type of checks for your check writing needs. Business check printing can range from the typical wallet size check, to a desk size three-to-a-page checkbook, to preprinted computer paper on which you can print your own checks. Business checks should really suit your own needs, so it's important to make sure that you get checks that make sense for you. If you don't plan on writing many checks, or if you don't need the ability to print your own checks through a computer program, a wallet size checkbook may be all you need for your account. Getting checks printed with your business name (and then setting your account so that more than one person can draw on it) can be an easy way to organize your business checking account.

What is MICR check printing?

MICR Check Printing

MICR stands for Magnetic Character Ink Recognition, and it is a type of encoding that is frequently used by banks. The blocky numerals in heavy black ink at the bottom of checks are the MICR numbers, and the magnetic ink used to print them can be read by special scanners. These numbers can be programmed to contain a lot of information, and they are easily scanned and read by the special bank machinery. MICR check printing can be done by home or small business check writers, but requires special magnetic toner. Only a few printers can accept this type of toner, and it cannot be used in inkjet printers. It's also important when doing your own MICR check printing that you take a sample of your printed check into your bank for a test read – some home magnetic inks do not register well on different banks' equipment.

How do I find a check printing company?

Finding a Check Printing Company

If you need to get checks printed for your personal use or for your business, you can find many different check printing company choices online. Many companies allow you to order checks online by entering your routing number and account number on their site – these companies will then check the validity of the account and print your checks according to your specifications. Another way to get deluxe check printing is to use the company that's recommended by your back. Often, banks will contract with a large check printing company (two major companies are Deluxe and Clarke American), and you can order your checks through the bank or the bank's website. Other, smaller check printing companies also offer their services on the web, so it pays to look around to find the best deal (as well as the company with a check pattern you like).

How can I get my payroll check printing done?

Payroll Check Printing

There are a few different ways to make your payroll check printing an easy and cost effective profess. One way is to contract with a payroll check printing company, such as Paychex, ADP or any local firms. This can be an easy way to solve your payroll check printing problem, especially if you don't have the resources to devote personnel to a payroll department. These companies also keep track of your payroll information, which makes tax time easier. Another way to take care of payroll is to use payroll check printing software. For small businesses, an excellent program for this purpose is Quickbooks. This program can help you to keep track of your payroll as well as print your own payroll checks in-house. Quickbooks even offers checks that can run through your printer, for a professional touch.

How can I save money on check printing?

Saving Money on Check Printing

Check printing can be costly, especially if you're getting specialty checks. Often, the check printing company that's offered through your bank may not be the cheapest place to get your checks printed. For example, a box of checks offered through a company associated with your bank could cost around $20 (Clarke American, one box of 150 duplicate checks). If you're a new customer, that same box of checks could be less than $10, including shipping, at a different non-affiliated company such as Artistic Checks or The Check Gallery. That's a 50% difference – and the rates can change even more with more boxes of checks ordered. For personal check printing, it's important to shop around before deciding on which check company will fill your check order.

What are some different types of check printing?

Types of Check Printing

If you have a checking account, chances are you've had some checks printed. Although today's checking accounts usually have either a debit or check card attached to them, there are still some instances where you'll need a paper check in order to draw money from your account. There are several different types of check printing available to meet your checkbook needs. Wallet checks (also known as a checkbook) are the traditional type of checks that are issued with a personal checking account, and they can be imprinted with your name, address, phone number or other identification. Duplicate checks are the same size as wallet checks, but they include a carbonless copy of your check that is made when you write the check out. These are great for keeping your checkbook balanced, as you will always have a receipt of any checks you write out. A third type of check printing is the desk checkbook – this book is larger, typically in a binder, and has three checks to a page, along with stubs that allow you to record notes about the amount written on the check, as well as the addressee.

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