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Where can I design a custom print calendar easily?

Custom Print Calendar

A custom print calendar can be used for many things. It makes a great gift for family and friends, an excellent promotional tool for a business, charity, or sporting events. Almost any dynamic of personal and business life can be showcased in a custom print calendar.

You can design and create a custom print calendar with an online printing service like Some great tips for creating a custom print calendar for family and friends are to gather old and new family photos and use one for each month. For example, grandparents would love a custom print calendar with your baby photos and your children's baby photos. You can also use landscape images to create seasonal feelings for your custom print calendar. For a business, a great tip is to use images of your building or office location, your business staff, and products or services.

Can I print custom calendars at a copy store like Kinko's?

Using Your Local Print Shop for Custom Calendar Printing

Interested in custom calendar printing but don't know where to start? The answer may be just around the corner, literally. Most communities now have local printing shops like Kinko's, Target Copy, or many others that specialize in custom printing solutions (including custom calendar printing).

Find a local store and drop by. When you arrive, ask them about what they can offer you in custom calendar printing. Make sure to ask about the following:

• Available print sizes
• Available print styles (desktop, wall, etc.)
• Color availability
• Lamination capabilities

The people at you local store should have all the answers that you want. Just know that these custom calendar printing services are available and you can get the help you need.

Can my PC do calendar printing?

Calendar Printing with Word

If you want to create your own personalized calendar, stay away from the mall. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have all the tools you need right on your computer. Calendar printing is easy to do right through programs such as Microsoft Word.

Like most other functions available in Word, calendar printing has helpful tips through their help section. To get started with calendar printing in Word:

• Go to the ‘File' menu and click on ‘New'.
• Once you see the options for a new project, choose ‘New from template'.
• Select ‘General templates' to find the right one for your calendar printing project.
• Select the tab for ‘Other documents',
• Choose ‘Calendar printing templates' as an option.

Now that you have started, the Word wizard can walk you through each step of the calendar printing process. Be creative! Use pictures and other things to personalize your job. When you are done, you can print it with your normal paper, or purchase special calendar paper at any office supply store. Don't waste your time or money paying someone else to do what you could do on your own. Have Fun!

What is the easiest way of printing my catalogue on the Internet?

Want to Sell Online? Online Catalogue Printing Services

Too many people look to re-invent the wheel when it comes to moving their products online. Today, there are easier solutions. If you are interested in online catalogue printing services, look to the biggest first. Many older websites, such as Yahoo, now offer full assistance with establishing your online catalogue.

Online catalogue printing services from places such as Yahoo or even eBay can help you through each step. Store templates make choosing your design simple and easy. Pre-formatted pricing and product placement are also included in these designs. Almost the only thing you will need to do is provide the products and their descriptions. Usually, you can include them through an interface that is as easy as sending an email.

After you have followed these easy steps, you are ready. Start selling more products by taking advantage of the low-prices available from these online catalogue printing services. The world is out there waiting to buy your products, don't make them wait any longer.

What kind of accessories are available if I do custom printing?

Custom Calendar Printing Accessories

If you are the crafty type and particularly enjoy custom calendar printing, there are some fairly cheap accessories that can make your final product that much nicer. Here are some examples of great ways to accessorize your custom calendar printing.

• Binding – From spirals to adhesives, there are many binding options available for your calendar. If you like using a plastic or metal spiral, don't forget to buy a sturdy three-hole punch to make your holes.

• Lamination – If you want to protect your custom calendar printing project, you will want to laminate your pages. Calendars need to last for 12 months and. in that time, accidents can happen. Lamination is cheap, fast and well worth it to ensure that your project makes it through your busy year.

• Stands – For smaller, desktop calendars, back-stands are a great way to save desk space and make it so the date is always right under your nose. These plastic or cardboard stands are low-cost and will last through more than a single calendar year—this one purchase will accessorize your next 3 custom calendar printing projects.

Your custom calendar should be as custom and unique as you can make it. Change around your accessories to accomplish just that.

What is a unique, personalized gift idea that I can do myself?

Calendar Printing from Your Home PC

Personalized gifts are as popular as ever. If you are looking for the right gift for a friend or family occasion, you don't have to spend too much to make your gift stand out. You can give a great, personalized, and low-priced gift by downloading any number of calendar printing software programs and printing one right from your own desktop.

There are many free calendar printing software packages available. Doing a simple search on your favorite search engine for “calendar printing software” will return many, many results. Make sure that any products you download are safe and provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

These personalized calendar printing programs are easy to install and will work with most home computers and personal printers. They offer color options as well as image placement. You can personalize your calendar with pictures, quotes, or anything else that will show your friend or family member that you took the time, just for them. Make your next gift stand out from the rest.

Should I laminate my calendar if it is not already done?

Custom Calendar Printing - To Laminate or Not To Lamintae

Calendars are unlike most other small office or paper products that we purchase. As they contain a whole year's worth of dates, you will certainly want your calendar to last at least that long. If you enjoy doing your own custom calendar printing, you may want to look into laminating your finished product to ensure it lasts.

Lamination will protect your custom calendar by protecting it from the elements. If you use your custom calendar at your office, think of the last time you spilled your coffee. Or the last time that a pen bled all over the place. Accidents can turn a custom calendar printing project into a waste of time and paper.

Lamination is cheap and easy. You can purchase laminating kits to go along with your custom calendar printing equipment for a low price. However, uunless you do custom calendar printing on a large scale, you will be best off going to your local print shop with your finished calendar and asking if they can just do it for you.

What is involved in providing catalogue printing services?

Providing Catalogue Printing Services

As with any business, printers often grow and expand into new media. Most start with smaller projects, however, as they grow, larger applications become available and too profitable to ignore. If you are a printing company and are looking to expand, catalog printing services may be right for you.

Depending on the equipment you already have, you may be more prepared to begin providing catalogue printing services than you think. Obviously, catalogues can run pretty long, so you may need to expand your process to account for this. This could include some new equipment as well as more space. Carefully evaluate your current capabilities and then consult with your current equipment provider to see what they can offer to help.

Because of the large amount of printing involved in catalogue printing services, expansion into this area can be very profitable. A single catalogue printing order can equal that of hundreds of smaller orders. Be sure that you are prepared with the right equipment. Getting the job done right will lead to repeat business as surely as getting it wring will lead to no business at all.

Why are there so many different styles of calendar printing?

Calendar Printing - From Humor to Insight

What is the first thing you do when you get into your office? Most people will get their cup of coffee, get to their desk, and check their calendar for their day's plans. For many of these people, their first thought in the office will arise from what they see on that calendar. Whether humorous, insightful, or educational, a person chooses their calendar based on what will help them see the day a little brighter. Calendar printing services take this into account.

Anything that anyone could dream up could be thrown on any calendar. Most often, however, calendars cater to human emotions. Most popular in calendar printing services are humorous calendars that start people off with a smile. Cartoons such as ‘The Far Side' have staked their claim on the funny calendar printing map. Other human emotions are satisfied in calendar printing services through insight or knowledge. Think of those ‘word of the day' calendars or the motivational quotes. These can be seen on office desks all over the place and are, in the end, a matter of personal taste.

If you are in an office environment from 9 to 5, do what you can to make your day a little lighter. A calendar that gives you a short laugh or a positive thought can make more difference than you may think.

Can I make and sell custom personal calendars?

Desktop Calendar Printing

What type of calendar do you have on your desk? Word of the day? Bible verse? Maybe a cartoon? Small desktop calendars personalize most office workers desks across the land. Have you ever had an idea for your own series of desktop calendars? Don't hold back on your idea, you may miss out.

Desktop calendar printing is available from many commercial printing companies. There are a few considerations you should take into account. First, what type of calendar printing are you interested in? Try to paint yourself a picture of what you are looking for in terms of size, mechanical function (standing or sitting calendar), and the like. These are factors that will greatly influence the calendar printing company you choose. Second, are you interested in printing exclusively black and white text or incorporating color images? There is a difference in the calendar printing costs and services associated with each, so know which you are looking for. Lastly, what quantity of calendars are you looking to print? Do you want to distribute these through the retail market or are you simply looking for your own personal style? Either way, certain calendar printing companies cannot support larger production runs and others can. Determine your order size needs prior to embarking on your project.

Remember these few things when you are looking into doing your own calendar printing and you will have a far easier experience.

Where can I find Custom Calendar Printing?

Custom Calendar Printing

Custom calendar printing is an easy way to create a unique personal or business gift that can be used throughout the year. Here are some tips when preparing your custom calendar printing experience.

  • First, you want to ensure that the margins and bleed areas are correct with an uploaded logo, photograph, or other image. The safe margin areas should be marked, anything outside of this area will not show up on the custom calendar printing. Bleeding is when the image extends to the edge of the document so there are no white borders when finalizing the custom calendar printing.
  • You will also want to follow the online printers instructions on ensuring that the colors shown on your computer are the same colors that will arrive with your custom calendar printing.
  • Color consistency varies with the print service and the type of software you are using. will have a guideline for helping you develop color consistency before you finalize the custom calendar printing order.
  • To ensure that your custom calendar printing will be readable, check the types of file formats accepted by your online printers. These may vary and can impact the final custom calendar printing document.

How can I get custom promotional calendars designed?

Custom Promotional Calendars

A custom promotional calendar can be used as a gift to business associates and customers. You can design your own using a standard template or your own photographs, artwork and images. Add custom text so that business associates and customers don't forget special dates, like anniversary sales. You can even have a specialty design service like design your custom promotional calendars.

A great tip for local business services is to use images that convey your business services in the community, this promotes your business as part of the local area. You can also add community dates, such as the annual city fair. Custom promotional calendars can be given away at events such as job fairs and community charity events.

Where can I find custom made calendars?

Custom Made Calendars

Custom made calendars come in many shapes, sizes and formats. These make excellent gifts and can be utilized in a variety of situations. For example, you can give custom made calendars with your business logo design to new customers so they can remember your business year round. You can also give these to business associates as a holiday greeting or annual reminders.

Friends and family enjoy receiving custom made calendars so they can have a piece of you and your family's special character in their home all year round. With a unique online printing service like, you have several options for your custom made calendars. You can choose from hundreds of template designs, add your photos and enter your text to create your own custom made calendars. You can also use specialty design services that will create your custom made calendars for you. For a business, you can develop your logo for custom made calendars.

How do I create Photo Custom Desk Calendars?

Photo Custom Desk Calendars

Photo custom desk calendars are trifold card stock with a spiral binding that allows for each month to be flipped over. You can design photo custom desk calendars with a new photograph or image for each month, which is a great way to show your personal style and family or business photos. Most online print service companies let you add personal messages and text to individual calendar dates, a great way to remind family and friends of birthdays and anniversaries. You can also choose any starting date or month, so you can give these gifts year-round.

The photo custom desk calendars are perfect for showing off babies first year or other family events month by month. You can even use photos of business events and dinner meetings to add a personal touch to your business advertising.

How can I get a unique Folded Print Calendar?

Folded Print Calendar

A folded print calendar is a horizontally or vertically folded card stock with a full year calendar on the inside and a custom image on the outside. A folded print calendar makes an excellent gift for customers, business associates, sports teams and friends. You can customize the front with a business logo, holiday greeting, or family photograph. The inside can be customized with a special message to create a unique folded print calendar.

A good tip is to order your folded print calendar with matching envelopes. One neat image idea is to use a special design service like the Collage Card Upload found at, which allows you to create a collage effect from multiple photographs. Folded print calendars are very versatile business advertising tools. They can showcase your business logo, personalized message, act as a holiday greeting, and be used year-round by the customer. Another tip is to send the folded print calendar to business and personal associates. Like a holiday card, it can come with a familiar greeting yet be unique enough that the folded print calendar adds a personal touch of friendliness and professionalism.

Where can I find Custom Photo Wall Calendars?

Custom Photo Wall Calendars

Custom photo wall calendars are great gifts for friends, family, and business associates or customers. You can design a custom photo wall calendar with an overall theme, or use different photos for each month. You can also add messages for different calendar dates, creating the ultimate custom photo wall calendar.

Some tips for creating your custom photo wall calendar:

  • Focus on the aspect of your and the family personality that you want to get across. Great themes like family fun or special classic photos can really enhance the personal message you want to send in your custom photo wall calendar.
  • Adding everyone's special days, like mom and dad's anniversary, the cousin's birthday, and your child's first day of school are great ways to really personalize your custom photo wall calendars.
  • You can also start your custom photo wall calendars on any month. This comes in handy if you are looking for a gift to give out at family events, like a family reunion. If you are not sure about what kind of overall theme, you can use customized design templates from online printing services like

How do I make and use Promotional Magnet Calendars?

Promotional Magnet Calendars

Promotional magnet calendars are a fun and inexpensive tool you can use to promote businesses and events. They can be designed with a custom logo, photograph, or other image with an online printing service. To create a promotional magnet calendar you can choose from already designed creative templates or upload your own designs. At online printing services like, the design is utilized as a background to the calendar so it is easy for customers to see and the business is promoted year round.

The promotional magnet calendars make great holiday gifts for customers and clients because they are small and easy to use. They require no tacks to be placed in an easy to view area, like the refrigerator. A good tip is to send magnet calendars to customers as holiday season gift to celebrate the New Year. Specialty online printing services like offer several options for the promotional magnet calendar for design, images, and even customized caricatures.

How do I make and use Promotional Business Calendars?

Promotional Business Calendars

Promotional business calendars are an inexpensive way to engage in some business advertising. After all, who doesn't like a free calendar? Promotional business calendars are great for new businesses and are looked at year-round. Some great ideas when designing is to have each month showcase a different service or product you offer. This way, new and current customers will see a new aspect of your business each month. Promotional business calendars can be ordered in several formats from an online printing service.

Common formats include flip over wall calendars, magnet calendars, and card calendars. Prices and sizes vary with different online printing services. Most, like will allow you to design your promotional business calendars with customized images, logos and texts. The promotional business calendars should be created based on two general principles of business advertising--the business services and the target customer. Knowing what your promotional business calendar should showcase as your business services can help you determine which products to include. Your most popular services and products can be combined with new and upcoming services and products. Knowing the target customer can also help you design your promotional business customer.

Different types of customers look for different schemes in business advertising. For example, insurance customers look for the best deals in coverage and price, while technology based customers look for the new and innovative products. Design your promotional business calendars around these basic business advertising concepts and you will have a great promotional tool.

How do I make a custom 2008 Calendar for business or personal use?

Create a Great 2008 Calendar

If you have been looking for a fun and affordable business or personal gift for the Holiday Season or New Year's Greeting, consider creating a 2008 calendar. A print calendar is easy to design through an online printing service. Your 2008 calendar can be innovative, decorative, and demonstrate your unique business and personal characteristics.

2008 calendars can be pre-ordered several months in advance and sent to friends, family and business contacts. The benefit of a calendar is that it has a year-round appearance. With online printing services, you can customize each month according to your unique personality. You can create your own 2008 calendar with a template image, family or business photo, or business logo. At, you can even add custom text to calendar dates. A good tip for family and friends 2008 calendars is to list birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation dates. This way, your calendar is memorable and useful to the recipients. Have fun designing, think about what you want to convey as a professional or just as a person, and use the 2008 calendar to show those unique aspects of yourself.

Where can I find someone who can print calendars in bulk?

New Ease of Bulk Production - An Example in Calendar Printing Services

Too many people believe that when you want anything in bulk, the process of finding your manufacturer can be more trouble than it ends up being worth. Producing print products is an industry where many fall into this line of thinking and get scared away. Calendar printing services are a great example that disproves this thinking.

There are many companies that provide calendar printing services, and you don't have to go overseas to find them. All you have to do is use the right resources. The Internet alone can provide you with lists of calendar printing service providers across the United States. In fact,, alone, has over 500 commercial printing companies with the ability to provide calendar printing services. There is literally at least one in every state, including yours.

With the wealth of knowledge now available to the public, nobody should be scared away of chasing their dreams and ideas. Companies and services are out there to help you mass produce your product. Take the time and you will find the one for your next brilliant idea.

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