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What are the different types of postcard printing companies?

Postcard Printing Companies

There are many different postcard printing company businesses available to create your business postcards. You could choose to go with a local printer or copy shop – both of these options allow you to converse directly with the people producing the postcards for you, so that you can easily proof your postcards. Another option for a postcard printing company is to find one that does business on-line. Often, this can be a cheaper option for people who are planning to get many postcards printed – Internet printing companies have the ability to offer lower prices for bulk orders, as well as lower prices on specialty postcards. It is easy to send an on-line printing company your postcard in digital format and have it produced for you in a short amount of time.

How do I design a postcard?

Designing a Postcard for Printing

When designing a postcard for printing, there are a few guidelines that you have to adhere to. The smallest size your postcard can be is 3.5” by 5” (the size of an index card). Any size smaller than this will not be able to run through the US Post Office. The largest size a postcard can be (and still be considered for the postcard pricing of 24 cents an item) is 4.25” by 6”. A postcard must also be a minimum thickness of .007 inches (this means that you cannot send a piece of paper cut to size as a postcard). You will also need to design your postcard with both a front and a back, and the address must be readable on the back side. You'll also want to make sure to design your postcard in a program that your printer accepts (for example, any of the Microsoft Office suite, Quark Xpress, or Adobe file formats). Check with your printer to make sure that your file format is accepted before sending any digital files.

What will affect the price of my bulk post card printing order?

Bulk Post Card Printing - Choices that Affect Price

Post card printing is not much different than other forms of professional printing services. When it comes to what choices will affect your price, they are not much different either. Here are a few things to take into account when ordering bulk post card printing.

• Size – What size card will you print on? The standard size postcard is fairly universal, but there are variations in shape as well as size that if you go crazy with, will certainly affect your project costs.

• Color – Post card printing is typically in single color, two-color, or full color printing. Pricing goes up, typically, with the more colors you use. If you are trying to stay in a tight budget, try to make the most out of the fewest colors you can.

• Postage – Do you want to provide pre-paid postage on your post cards? Many post card printing services can provide you with this and, if you choose their help, you can expect the price to increase by the amount of the postage, per card.

These are just a few of the factors that can influence the pricing of your post card printing order. Be sure to ask about bulk discounts as many printing companies have these to offer.

Is there such a thing as discount postcard printing?

Discount Postcard Printing

There are many different commercial printers available on-line to print your postcards. Most of them will charge a fair price (there is steep competition among commercial printers), but there are a few that consider themselves to be discount postcard printing companies. These companies will offer great rates, especially if you are planning to print large amounts of postcards for business use. For those businesses that are planning to print around 5000 postcards, the volume pricing can become quite inexpensive, around $350 for full color postcards. This amounts to a cost of only about 7 cents a postcard, and if you add in the cost of postage – you're paying only around 31 cents per piece to get your message across.

What are some different types of custom postcard printing?

Custom Postcard Printing

Custom postcard printing is relatively cheap and easy, with many different printing companies offering services that print postcards for you. Custom postcards can range from full color photo cards to one color (black and white) cards, and some companies even offer specialty sizes or cut shapes. You can also choose to have your custom postcard laminated or coated, so that it will withstand the elements it may face while going through the US mail. The wide range of options makes postcards a great idea for your next mailing.

How can I try post card printing at home?

Post Card Printing at Home

Do you have a digital camera? Are you interested in post card printing for your next vacation? You already have one third of what you need to get started. Post card printing of your photos and memories is easy today and far less expensive than if you wanted to order them in the past.

Photo printers are all the craze. Most digital cameras now come with a bundle package offer that includes a photo printer. Most photo printers can use pre-printed post card printing paper instead of regular paper. With this, you can transfer your images directly to the back of a post card. With editing software that is available, you can personalize the image by adding text, borders, and other effects.

If you are interested in bulk quantities of post card printing, you are best off contacting a printing company. The ink and paper that it would take to do a bulk on your own would be more expensive than through a company that gets their materials for wholesale.

Where can I find images for my postcard printing project?

Stock Photography for Postcard Printing

Catching the eye is the key to success in postcard sales. Sometimes the right image can make the difference. If you are in postcard printing and are looking for some fresh ideas for images on your cards, look into purchasing stock photography online.

Stock photography is a term for collections of photographs and other images developed by professionals. For postcard printing, stock photography can be great to provide you with many different options. Beware that your images are fairly unique. There is no sense printing postcards that others have covered already.

Unique ideas can also stem from good stock photography. If you are prone to writer's block and are in postcard printing, think about acquiring some good art to inspire you.

Can I get different sizes with post card printing?

Post Card Printing - Size Does Matter

For many reasons, size makes a big difference in post card printing and sales. When it comes to printing, the size of the card you choose will alter your pricing. Traditionally, the extra cost is passed on to the consumer by increasing the end price for the finished post card. Sales of these larger or much smaller post cards have yet to slow so the demand is definitely there. But why?

Some people who buy and send post cards to the friends and family like to make their card stand out in the mailbox. By getting larger cards in post card printing, you are providing these people with a means to do that. In a mailbox full of standard size envelopes, your oversized card is sure to draw attention.

If you provide post card printing services to clients or print your own themed-post cards think about offering a wider variety of sizes to your customers. You may find that they sell even better than the standard sizes.

How much does it cost to mail postcards?

Postcard Mailing Tips

If you choose to use postcards for your business and need to mail them, there are some things you should know. Postcard printing itself is inexpensive and a good bargain - you can easily fit a lot of information onto a postcard, as well as create a memorable campaign while using colorful graphics and photos. Mailing postcards will also be inexpensive – but you will not get the bulk rate discounts that other types of mail get. You will be paying 24 cents per postcard to mail out your card via First Class Mail. This is a savings of 15 cents from the cost of mailing out an envelope (1 ounce) via First Class Mail. However, whereas the cost of mailing an envelope goes down considerably when mailed with a bulk rate, the cost of mailing a postcard does not change. If you are a non-profit organization (and registered with the Post Office) your postcard rate will decrease to about 13 cents a piece.

Why should I print a postcard?

Why Print a Postcard?

There are many different reasons to get a postcard printed. Whether you're a newly opened business or a business with something to sell, a postcard can be an excellent way to get your message across to your customers. Some other uses for postcards can be announcing a change of address, or other important information that needs to get to your associates. Postcard printing is generally cheaper than getting folded cards printed, and the cost to mail a postcard is also less than that of a folded card or business size envelope.

Can postcard printing and distribution help grow my business?

Postcard Printing to Enhance Your Business

In any client-based business, communication is the key. Too often, communication suffers when work is at its best. Making staying in touch easier for your employees and their clients can be easily accomplished with postcard printing and distribution.

Many companies do full postcard printing orders after determining a series of actions that could spur the need to send a postcard. Such lists include, making a sale, contact after first meeting, project completion, or just checking in. Companies will design postcards for each event that could be sent to any client. Portraying your image on these is important.

Once the cards are designed, the company can place a bulk postcard printing order and save on the printing costs. Then, in the future, the cards are there and ready to go when you make the next big sale or finish a big project. These types of campaigns have proven extremely effective in turning regular business into repeat business. If you want to grow, by client confidence, try a postcard printing and distribution campaign.

What is effective copy to use in post card printing?

Your Copy is Important to Your Post Card Printing Efforts

Post cards, for the most part, are what we all call ‘impulse buys'. You see a funny one at a tourist stop or a touching one in a store and buy it, not really knowing when, or to who you will send it. What makes people buy the post cards that they buy on such impulse? The copy that was created in the post card printing process is often a large factor.

Whether humorous, emotional, poignant, or even tear-jerking, the copy that is written before post card printing even begins usually makes or breaks an idea for a post card. If your copy can make a person think, for even one second, about something that makes then laugh, cry or any emotion in between, there is a better chance that person will purchase the card.

If you are in post card printing, remember, your copy can hold the key to your success. Take time to script it well and it will pay dividends in the end.

What are the advantages of using postcards versus other types of direct mailings?

Postcards vs. Other Direct Mailing

There are many advantages to choosing postcards for getting your point across instead of using other types of direct mailings. Postcards are generally cheaper to produce than other types of cards and brochures, thus saving you and your company money on printing expenses. The cost of mailing a postcard is also cheaper than mailing a traditional 1 ounce envelope – the cost is only 24 cents for a postcard versus 39 cents for a basic envelope. Postcard printing services are also easy to find; many different types of commercial printers and even copy stores are happy to create your postcard for you. Finally, designing a postcard is substantially easier than designing a brochure or even a folded card, it is only a matter of creating two sides of information.

What is the history of postcards?

History of Postcards

The use of postcards started in 1898, when the United States Post Office issued cards that could be sent with messages via the mail. The message was written on one blank side, and on the other postage was printed, as well as an address. By 1901, postcards were developed by private companies, and these cards had pictures or other information on the front and the address of the receiver on the back. Finally, by 1907, postcards gained the divided back that we see today – where an address could be written on the right side, and a message on the left. Today, postcards still subscribe to this format, but the information on the backside of the postcard can be printed as well as handwritten. The one consistency is the fact that the front is reserved for a message or photo, and the back is for the address (and additional message if necessary).

What types of cardstock should I use in postcard printing?

Card Stocks For Postcard Printing

The cardstock you use for your postcard printing project is a primary decision you will have to make. You can make your decision much easier with a little extra knowledge about your options. Here is a little.

• Commercial postcard printing paper is identified as one of two main categories – Coated or Uncoated (offset).

• Each main category is divided into sub-categories which are determined by weight – Text or Cover stock – with text being lighter than cover. The names are easy to remember when you think that the lighter pages of a book typically contain the text, and the heavier pages make up the cover.

Just knowing a little more of the terminology involved with postcard printing paper, your first postcard printing project may be a little easier.

Where can I find design help for my postcard printing project?

Postcard Printing Design Companies

Want to create the Starry Night of postcards but you are no Van Gogh? If you are looking into postcard printing for sales or to support your businesses marketing efforts, there are design professionals who can help. Many postcard printing companies have dedicated design teams that can help get your message across.

There are also independent design firms that can help with your next postcard printing project. These firms can be more expensive, but there are many who have design creativity and capabilities that are worth the cost. If budget is an issue with your project, try getting a quote form one of these design firms and see if it can work.

If independent design doesn't work out for your project, do not worry. Companies specializing in postcard printing will have the design options to help you along. These designing services will add to your cost, but for those of us with great ideas that we cannot get across, these services are invaluable.

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