Free Business Card Packages

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Where can I get a business card package to try out for free?

Free Business Card Packages

A free business card package allows you to test the waters with business card services prior to ordering customized business cards, or the free business card package can be used as your permanent business card. Many online services offer free business card packages, but few allow you to customize the business card to your needs.

Styles for free business card packages can be anything from a simple, image free design to an elaborate and artful piece, depending on your personal preference. You want to look for an online service that allows you to preview the lines of text and save your work online with the business card design prior to ordering. This way, you are able to look and share your free business card before you pay for shipping. Shipping on free business cards is low-cost and can be expedited if necessary. A good tip is to play around with several design options and lines of text before you purchase. is one company that allows you to create an account and save several free business card designs prior to ordering, and you can always upgrade to a customized premium business card at a decent price.



1/21/2008 3:38:16 AM
Anonymous said:

What is the difference between free business cards and the primium ones?


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