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How can I use postcards and mailing services for business marketing?

Postcards and Mailing Services

Postcards designed with your unique business name and logo can show customers new services, products, sales and specials in one easy to receive and simple to read format. Postcards can also be used to remind customers of your important business services. For example, local car dealerships usually send winter auto check-up messages to customers to remind them to check their tires and anti-freeze.

Whatever your message is, postcards can be easily designed and created with unique messages for you customer base. Once you have designed your postcards, you'll need excellent mailing services. Both are available from Mailing services also use bulk mailing, which is less costly than sending each postcard individually. Postcards are great because customers actually read them--the customer doesn't have to mess around with opening junk mail, so your postcards are instantly noticed and read marketing tools!

How can I get professional presentation folders?

Presenation Folders

Presentation folders are often overlooked as a marketing tool for small and large businesses, when in fact presentation folders can serve business marketing in a variety of ways:

  • First, they are imprinted with the business character on the front cover, so this is the first thing a potential customer sees.
  • The inside of the presentation folders can then be filled with wealth of business information. For example, a service oriented business can send customers presentation folders with a packet of service offerings and a brochure.
  • Or, presentation folders can be given to customers and investors during a business meeting, showing your professionalism.
Presentation folders are easy to design and print with an online printing service like You can even get matching letterhead, brochures, and personalized pens to place in the presentation folder, giving you a tangible marketing product that you can hand out or mail to customers.

How do I get brochures and flyers inexpensively?

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are printed marketing materials you can use to showcase your unique business offerings. Brochures are trifold pamphlets with simple, easy to read information, and are normally, information intensive with simple paragraphs. A brochure should show your business logo or image (like a photograph of your facility) on the front fold, followed by succinct information on the inside folds.

For example, a small family owned bed and breakfast in a historical building may want to dedicate an inside page of the brochure to the history of the building. A larger service business, like a sole proprietor investment service may want to explain the history of the owner and any special memberships or accomplishments.

Similarly, a flyer is a great way to showcase your business expertise, history, and special offerings. The difference is that a flyer is a single page of 'tight' information such as location, products, services, and special events, while a brochure is more useful for all-encompassing information. Both can be given directly to customers, passed out to potential customers (like at a business fair or sidewalk sale) or mailed directly to people.Creative online printing services like those found at can also design your brochures and flyers for you, then mail them to you or to a customer list.

Where can I get help with printing marketing materials?

Printing Marketing Materials

Even ten years ago, printing marketing materials was time consuming, expensive and complicated. You had to have a logo design made up, drive it to the printers, wait weeks for the printing marketing materials, and then drive those over to the postal office to ship them to customers. Thank goodness for the Internet! Now, printing marketing materials can be done in just a few days--without you even having to leave your office.

Great online printing marketing material services like have revolutionized the way small, medium, and large businesses market to potential customers.

  • Simply design your message, logo or image.
  • Select the type of printing marketing materials you want--post cards, brochures, flyers--and upload the design. If you do not know what type of printing marketing materials or designed logo and messages your business needs, talk to a custom service professional who will design these for you.
  • Once this part is done, you simply order the printing marketing materials.
You can have these shipped to your office or home, but an easier idea is to have the printing marketing materials shipped directly to a customer or bulk mailing list. You can upload your own customer list or purchase a bulk mailing list from several online services like

Where do I find Custom Marketing Materials?

Custom Marketing Materials

Creating custom marketing materials should not be a complex, time consuming process. In fact, with a great custom marketing materials service like, you can design your own and receive them in less than a week. Or, you can use a custom marketing materials design service to develop a business marketing package for you. Items to include in your custom marketing materials are envelopes, post cards, letterhead, t-shirts, mugs, pens, calendars and even sticky notes.

If you have a special business event that your company is sponsoring such as charity walk or a 'Customer Appreciation Day', you will want custom marketing materials that showcase the event. This is a great way to get your custom marketing materials and your unique business message out to customers, generate excitement about your business, and increase the number of potential and returning customers.

How do I get inexpensive Business Marketing Materials?

Business Marketing Materials

Business marketing materials are important for developing a brand equity. A brand is any name of a unique business, like Tom's Towing or Smith Technology. Brand equity is formed when a customer places a certain amount of value on the name of the business or company. Traditionally speaking, the more a customer gains positive information about a brand name, the more the customer attaches a relative value to that business.

Business marketing materials are important for any large or small business because they help a customer associate a product or service with a name of a company. For example, many people associate software with Microsoft or car insurance with State Farm because these companies have consistent business marketing strategies that are customer focused and innovative (offering new products and services) in a consistent form.

If you have been thinking about increasing your brand equity and forming a wide and positive customer perception, consider using any forms of business marketing materials. These can be simple, unique and originally designed with your business name and logo. With an online business marketing materials service like, you can use your own designs or have logos created for you. These can then be printed on post cards, pens, mugs, t-shirts and invitations.

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