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Can I print custom greeting cards from my computer?

Printing Custom Greeting Cards at Home

I know that when I give a gift I like to stand out from the pack. If you have the same feeling, you may want to try taping a custom greeting card to your next gift. Custom greeting cards show that you took a little extra time and they are easy to do from your home computer.

Let's say you have a close friend's birthday coming up. Do the two of you have a favorite movie or song? If so, pick the funniest or favorite line or lyric and there is your card right there. Simply load your word processing program that is on your computer. Search for a template that is suited for the card that you want to print. Custom greeting card templates are also available on the Internet with a little searching.

Once you have designed your custom greeting card, pick out the paper that you want as the base of your card. Construction paper works with most home printers, so you have a wide range of colors and textures at your disposal. Print out the base of your card and then accessorize. You can use everything from a pair of scissors to glitter to further customize the card. In the end, your gift is certain to stand out from the rest.

What is the best format for greeting card printing?

Greeting Card Printing - Single, Bi-Fold, or Tri-Fold?

There are many styles of greeting cards and many methods of greeting card printing. Among the most basic of choices is the format of your card. There are three main options for the format of greeting cards. These can come in many variations of shape and size, but in the end, they are the most basic decision.

• Single Page – These most closely resemble postcards. There is no fold to open, rather, the message, portion of the card is on the back. These are great for ‘one-liners' or simple messages of love or sympathy.

• Bi-Fold – The most common form of greeting card printing, bi-fold cards have a front page, which opens to reveal the last part of the card. These are common for messages that are anecdotal or ‘punch-line' jokes.

• Tri-Fold – Tri-fold greeting card printing takes the form of a top page, which opens to a second page, which, in turn, opens to a third. These are most commonly used for longer messages, sometimes even to quote Bible verse. These cards can often say just the right thing, but leave little room for conveying personal feelings.

If you are looking into greeting card printing on your own, choose whether you will offer one, two, or all three types of cards. It will make a difference in your start-up costs and in the selection you can provide to your customers.

What are the costs involved with greeting card printing?

Factors in Greeting Card Printing Pricing

There are many factors that will influence the price of greeting card printing. Before you decide to order some of your own, you should familiarize yourself with what these factors are.

First, the materials you choose will affect the price. There are more weights of paper available today than I could list, and greeting card printing is not even exclusive to paper anymore. Thin plastics can even be used and make for a little more expensive purchase. Choose your materials knowing that prices will vary based on your choice.

Second, the greeting card printing method will influence your costs. Will you use digital transfer or screenprinting? Ink or laser? Each method is different and carries different amounts of labor and, in the end, cost. Don't be surprised when you see how much this factor will come into play when it comes to price.

Last, and most obvious, is quantity. If you are simply making cards for yourself (we all wish we could avoid stooping at the store to buy them at the last second), than your small quantity will make for a lower overall cost. However, smaller quantities often cost more per unit than bulk numbers in greeting card printing. If you are looking for a larger amount of prints, make sure to ask for a discount based on the number. Often, you will save a bunch right there.

Remember all of these factors if you are thinking of greeting card printing as a hobby or business. Without careful attention, they can quickly spiral out of control.

What type of glue is best for making custom greeting cards?

Making Custom Greeting Cards - The Glues to Use

When it comes to making custom greeting cards, not all glues are made equal. There are different options based on what materials you are using. Whether you use construction paper, lace, or even little gems, you should use the right glue for the job. You don't want your thoughtful card falling apart before they open the gift.

Most custom greeting cards have construction paper, or other textured papers as their base. With these types of materials, stay away from adhesives that are runny or loose. Using a heavier paste will prove the most durable when working with grain or texture.

If you like using lace or other types of fabrics on your custom greeting cards, look into fabric glues. Many adhesives are made for the specific purpose of working with fabric and will certainly lengthen the lifespan of your finished card.

Plastic gems are also great ways to accessorize your custom greeting card. If you want to try this one on for size, I recommend using a hot glue gun whenever possible. Because the plastic is a smooth on a hard surface, you need to create a solid bond. Hot glue gins will make your gems stick like, well… glue.

Custom greeting cards are a fun project that can also save you money. Just make sure you are working with the right materials before you get started.

How can I make some extra money with my arts & crafts?

Making Money With Custom Greeting Cards

If I told you that you could make extra money with some construction paper, a little glue, and your printer, what would you say? Most people would ask where to sign up. If you are the arts & crafts type and are looking for a little extra cash, try making your own custom greeting cards.

My wife was looking for a side project a few years ago and decided to make some custom greeting cards just to pass out for ourselves. When she gave out the first one, the response was amazing. She thought there may be more interest in her custom greeting cards, so she went to a local stationery store. To her surprise, it was easy to get them displayed for sale in the shop.

Now, she hasn't amassed a fortune, or even been able to leave her regular job. However, many a dinners and nights on the town have been paid for by those custom greeting cards. Give it a shot for yourself. If you are crafty and have the spare time, there is no reason you can't do the same thing.

How can I get custom greeting cards printed for me?

Ordering Custom Greeting Cards Online

The Internet has opened up a whole new world when it comes to the custom printing of everything from t-shirts to post-it notes. Custom greeting cards are also easy to find and order from any number of highly rated websites. What should you look out for when ordering custom greeting cards on the Internet? Here are a few pointers:

• Can the website provide you with samples of their work? Even though they are on the Internet, most reputable companies will be happy to send you a sample custom greeting card from a previous order. Many will even overnight you one to try to close your deal as fast as possible. However long it takes, make sure to get a sample before ordering. You may not get what you were expecting.

• Does the website specialize in custom greeting cards? Plenty of other custom printing companies exist that do not specifically specialize in custom greeting cards. This could mean less choice in style and paper for you. Make sure you are choosing from the largest number of available choices when you are looking around.

• Do their advertised costs include all the costs? When you order anything online, custom greeting cards included, there are superfluous costs that arise such as shipping. When you are getting your quote, make sure that the final price is what you expected. Since you will be most likely using a credit card for this purchase, it is important to pay only what you should. Getting a refund isn't always so easy.

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