Business Checks

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What kinds of business checks can I use with my accounting software?

Business Checks

Business checks are important to both small and large businesses. First off, business checks are highly convenient for accounting purposes because they separate personal and business purchases. Using an online printing service for business checks helps small and large businesses to print out numerous checks with or without accounting software. This means that you will not run out of business checks.

A business check with a custom designed logo and the business information also acts as an additional marketing tool--business checks simply add to the number of potential customers. When a business check is designed with an online printing service, it allows you to add the business logo, your account information, and icon or monogram.

There are three main types of business checks. Business wallet checks are the standard business checks that resemble your average from the bank checks. Three to a page checks help keep invoicing, bookkeeping, and discount calculations easy to handle by adding a side bar for record keeping to the business checks. Computer business checks can be printed directly from your computer using your accounting software for easy record keeping. Check to ensure that the online print service is compatible with your accounting software. For example, computer business checks are compatible with Microsoft Money, Intuit, and Peachtree, covering the most common computer accounting programs. Most online print services are less expensive than ordering customized business checks from your bank.



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