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Where can I get custom t shirts?

Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are an excellent way to increase your business presence. You can design custom t-shirts with an online service like You can upload your logo and image, or have a creative service agent develop an eye-catching set of custom t-shirts for you. Make sure your custom t shirts are made with high quality, pre-shrunk material. You may also want to order them in bulk to save on product and shipping costs.

Employees can wear custom t shirts to give the facility an air of togetherness and professionalism, particularly in product oriented small businesses. Another great way to use your custom t-shirts is to give them to loyal returning customers. For example, a free custom t shirt with their third order, or something to that effect. Lastly, consider joining trade shows, business fairs, and job fairs or other community events and give the custom t-shirts out to potential customers. These make excellent marketing tools because they are used by employees and customers. They allow your business logo to be visible to potential customers, generating continuous marketing for your business.

How can I use business promotional giveaways?

Business Promotional Giveaways

Business promotional giveaways are a great way to get customers and business associates excited about your business products and services. These are great marketing tools for business fairs, trade shows, and community events. You can find great business promotional giveaways tailored for your needs through an online service like With this service, you can use your own logo design and imprint it onto many different items. Some examples are pens, mugs, and custom t shirts.

A creative online service like can also help design your business promotional giveaways design, message, and logo or other image. This way, your business promotional giveaways are original, creative, and tailored for your special event.

How can I get promotional products?

Promotional Products

You can design promotional products with your special business logo or image right on the item. Promotional products are very easy to get with an online service:

  1. You simply choose which promotional product range you want to use, like magnets or pens.
  2. Upload your image or have a creative service specialist design your promotional products for you.
  3. Purchase your promotional products in bulk. If you use a service like, you can also use their mailing service to ship your promotional products to your return customer lists, saving you time and money. Purchasing promotional products in bulk is the best option because the more you order, the more you save.

Where can I find Promotional Mugs, Magnets, and Personalized Pens for my business?

Promotional Mugs, Magnets, and Personalized Pens

If you have been looking for a fun and exciting way to get customers talking about your special business services and products, promotional mugs, magnets, and personalized pens may be the answer. Mugs make great gifts during business events (like special sales or anniversaries),promotional magnets are easy to send to a list of customers, and personalized pens can be kept at the front office for customers to take home with them.

Each of these items works as a functional marketing tool. Customers enjoy receiving and using them. Promotional mugs, magnets, and personalized pens are constant advertising methods. Customers can also show these items to others while talking about your business, generating additional excitement. You can get promotional mugs, magnets, and personalized pens with an online marketing service like These can come in several shapes and sizes. Each can be customized with your business logo or design and message, or you can have a logo and message made for your company.

Where can I get custom business Sticky Notes, Note pads, and Calendars?

Sticky Notes, Note pads, and Calendars

The reason why sticky notes, note pads and calendars work for marketing to potential customers is because of the tradition of word of mouth advertising. When customers experiences good service and quality products from your business, they are likely to tell friends and family. If the customer has handy sticky notes, note pads, or calendars to show during word of mouth communication, the conversation is enhanced by a tangible item.

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful tools in marketing today. Establishing it simply adds to the marketing mix and increases the potential customer's perception of your unique business products and services. You can get these documents to show off your business name, logo, services and products through an online print service like Order just a few sticky notes, note pads, and calendars before committing to ordering in bulk. You can also have a business logo and message designed for you with a creative service specialist.

Where can I get promotional giveaway items like the big businesses have?

Promotional Giveaway Items

Promotional giveaway items are fun for you to create and exciting for current and potential customers to receive. A good tip is to create your promotional giveaway items with a creative and distinctive business logo that really showcases your unique business talents. For example, promotional giveaway items like coffee mugs with "Tom's Towing, Serving Town for Twenty Years" shows both your business logo and the reason why customers should be excited about your business.

Similarly, other promotional giveaway items can be used at specific community events to act as an excellent marketing tool for your business. For example, custom t shirts with simple messages like "Tom's Towing, Supporting Town Little League Events for Ten Years" shows the business name as well as how the business is involved in the community. The great thing about promotional giveaway items is that you feel good giving them to customers, and customers love receiving them. They also act as constant marketing tools for potential customers who will see the promotional giveaway items and recognize the business logo. This way, your loyal customers are marketing for you!

Promotional giveaway items are perfect for generating excitement for new business services and products as well. Consider using custom t shirts before your business releases a new service or product. This is the same marketing scheme used by many big businesses. Microsoft, for example, used promotional giveaway items before they released the XBox. Customers were excited to receive promotional giveaway items for products that didn't even exist yet! You can use the same marketing tools as big business within a small or medium sized business budget with online printing services like

Do you have any promotional giveaway ideas?

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Once you have decided on the type of business logo merchandise you want to use to promote your business, you probably want to know how to use them. If you don't have any logo merchandise, you can find these at an online custom merchandise retailer like where you can also design your own custom promotional giveaway ideas.

Pens make great promotional giveaway items, as are custom t-shirts and calendars that can be designed with a new image, like a product or photograph, for every month. Once you have chosen several items, think about what type of event you want to be part of to give out your new logo merchandise. Small businesses with deep community roots will want to expand on that for their promotional giveaway ideas.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Administration to see what type of business and industry types of community events are coming up. Local colleges, high schools, and fairgrounds often hold business and job fairs, which are excellent promotional giveaway ideas for business to business marketing. Another great way to show off your logo merchandise is to send these items to return and potential customers.

How can I get and use Logo merchandise?

Logo Merchandise

Logo merchandise is an imperative to keeping your business looking professional and exciting. Customer perceptions of the value of a business are formed as the customer sees the business's name. Consider the items you see with logos on them, from XBox t shirts to State Farm Insurance pens, chances are you have logo merchandise around the home that has helped you form a customer perception.

Now, with really easy to use logo merchandise services, for example those found at, you can capitalize on the same non-invasive marketing strategy. You are in control of creating your own logo merchandise. You can upload your designs and messages--or have them created for you--onto specialized logo merchandise.

Pens, mugs, calendars, custom t-shirts and magnets can be created especially for you and your business. Make sure to stick with a company that has the experience and quality to ensure that your logo merchandise is worthwhile., for example, lets you place your brand or business image on high quality Hanes t shirts for your customized logo merchandise. This way, your customers see that your logo merchandise is high quality, and especially designed for your business. The customer forms the perception that as professionals, your business does not cut corners on quality.

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