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How can I get a letterhead template?

Obtaining a Letterhead Template

There are several ways to create a template for your letterhead. You could choose to do the work yourself, or have someone in your company design your letterhead. Often, this is the easiest way, because you don't have to pay an additional company or designer to create your letterhead before sending it to the printer. Another way to have your letterhead printed that costs even less, however, is to use a free letterhead template. Many of these free templates are available on the Internet, and you can find templates for popular programs such as Microsoft Word and Quark Xpress (a professional design program). If you choose to use a free letterhead template, be sure to use one that is compatible with your company's idea of style (ie, don't use a modern template if your company is very old-fashioned) and one that will work well with any graphics you plan to use. Also be sure to research whether your chosen free letterhead template can be used for business purposes; often free templates are only “free” when they're being used for personal use, and you may have to pay a fee to use them professionally.

How do I get free stationery?

How to Get Free Stationery

Sometimes, the amount of stationery that you need or want is very small. Or, you lack the budget to purchase stationery, but you'd really like to look professional, or in the case of personal stationery, look classy. There are ways to obtain free stationery that can help out the budding professional, or allow you to sample a type of stationery style to know if its right for you. Companies like Vista Print, an Internet printing company, often offer free personal stationery as well as free business cards, to individuals who are new customers. Usually, all you have to do is pay shipping. This works well for the printing companies, as they get to show their product as a sample to many different individuals and companies - and those who get these samples often come back and reorder their products, making the printer money. Other companies offer stationery files, such as templates, that you can download and customize. You can then send these digital files to your own professional printer, or print them on your own computer printer, saving money.

How do I order personalized stationery?

Ordering Personalized Stationery

There are many different types of personalized stationery available, for both business and personal usage. If you choose to have personalized stationery created for your own non-business use, you can be sure that you'll have tons of styles to choose from. Most personal stationery comes in one of two forms: the note card, which is a heavy sheet of card stock that is folded in half, or notepaper. Note cards are very popular for correspondence that is short and to the point, such as a thank you note, while notepaper, which comes in various sizes, is used for longer letters. When ordering personalized stationery for personal use, you can also choose from many different headers – some choose just their first name, while others will have their entire name, and even return address, printed at the top of the sheet. How much or how little information you have printed on your personal stationery will depend on the formality of your correspondence and your own taste. Personalized stationery can be fun, and it can definitely show the personality of the person using it. A stationery gift is also a great idea, just remember to make sure it fits the style of the person you're giving it to – think classic and formal for your grandmother, while if you're giving a gift of stationery to a child, you might want to purchase something with brighter colors and a whimsical look. A stationery gift reminds people just how much a handwritten letter can be appreciated, and also lets the recipient know how admired they are, as personalized gifts are always more special.

Why should I use custom stationary?

Stationery - A Personal Reflection

For those who choose to use custom stationery, it often reflects a lot about them. Stationery is a very personal choice. When people pick out their own stationery, it is for the purpose of standing out and not to blend in. Take a closer look the next time you get a letter printed on custom stationery.

If you have friends who use custom stationery for their personal letters, I bet that once you take a closer look, you can see a reflection of your friend in the design that they chose. The same goes even more so for family.

If you are looking for stationery of your own, think about what you want to reflect in your stationery. It will tell something about you and that should not be taken lightly. Don't rush into your purchase and try not to be too spendthrift. Stationery is a long term purchase, usually, and you should look for something that will reflect you in the future as much as it does now.

Can I order return address label printing for my letters?

Custom Address Label Printing

Ordering return address labels for your letters and correspondences is easy and makes sending mail less of a hassle. There are many label printing companies that advertise in local magazines and coupon books like the Val-Pak. If you are looking for custom label printing to make your life easier, this is where to start.

Gather as many coupon books as you can find. Keep getting them until you find an ad for mail-away address labels. These label printing companies work through phone or mail orders. All you have to do is select the style you want and send them you address information with payment. Within as soon as a week, you will have your label printing done and delivered.

Custom address label printing is a low cost way to make sure that any misaddressed envelopes make it back to your house instead of in some post office limbo.

Haw can I save on label printing at home?

Saving Money on Your Label Printing

Anyone who has ever tried label printing at home can tell you that the actual labels can be pretty expensive. This is especially maddening when you have errors in alignment that cause you to flush entire sheets of labels down the drain. Here is some advice on how to save on your costs in label printing.

First, make sure that on any label printing project, you print a test sheet. Use a regular sheet of paper for this, the thinner the better. Once you have printed your test sheet, simply place it beneath one of your label printing sheets. You should be able to see through the labels well enough to tell if the alignment would have made for a successful print.

This simple exercise can save you countless lost sheets of labels. Label printing is expensive enough. Take the time to do this exercise on your next label printing project.

What are the first things to know about letterhead printing?

Letterhead Printing 101

If you've just started your own business, or maybe feel like sprucing it up a bit, you might be considering getting your own letterhead printed. A letterhead that's professionally designed, typeset and printed can set your correspondence apart from others in the same field, as well as making a great first impression to prospective clients. Of course, businesses are not the only ones that use professional letterhead – it can also make a great impression when used for personal communication as well. Make sure to think ahead before getting your letterhead printing done – you'll want to decide on subjects such as colors, thermal (raised) ink or flat, what type of paper you'd like to use, and how you want your letterhead designed. Once you've chosen your letterhead's style, finding a reputable printer can make the process go quickly and with ease. Some printing companies will also be able to typeset your letterhead, so if you don't have an in-house designer, they will be able to help you with that aspect as well.

What can I do in my letterhead printing to make a difference?

Effective Letterhead Printing For Your Business

No matter how many different letters your company sends out each day, month, or year, they all have one thing in common – your letterhead. In letterhead printing, it is important to remember that and to choose what you put there carefully. Here is some advice on how letterhead printing can enhance your image and get attention from the recipient.

If you have a brand or logo that people identify your company with, you should integrate it into your letterhead printing. It is always important to reinforce your other marketing efforts to give your company each possible advantage. Also, any slogans should be incorporated into your letterhead printing as well.

For companies with multiple departments, any of which could be using the company letterhead, you should think about providing contact information for each major department in your letterhead printing. Clients hate having to look too hard to get in touch. Giving them many points of contact can make them happier and get you more of their business.

There are many other intricacies to letterhead printing. If you think your business could use a freshening up in that department, consult a professional letterhead printing company. They will have designers and representatives to help you create the right image for your company.

Can I get professional looking letterhead printing without spending the money?

Cost Effective Letterhead Printing for Small Business

Small business expenses are tracked and cared for through the company's infancy. It is important to save where you can while, at the same time, not sacrificing the need to look as good as the big boys. Many initial contacts are made through print correspondence, and nothing is more important than attractive letterhead printing if you want to look big.

Small businesses can save on the costs of their letterhead printing in many ways. Primarily, look into printing yours on your own. You may have the capability, depending on your volume of letters, to print your own great looking letterhead right from your office. Search your computer and printer documentation for help with letterhead printing through your word processor.

You can also save big by ordering bulk letterhead printing. Many companies out there specialize in letterhead printing and if you are planning your supplies for the long haul, you should look into bulk order from professionals.

Your small business doesn't need to spend big bucks to look like big business. Save on your letterhead printing without skimping on design and quality.

Is envelope printing available on my home computer?

Envelope Printing From Home

Do you have a party or event coming up? Want to save a little on your invitations? Envelope printing from your own computer and printer is easy and can save you the costs of using a professional. Here are the simple steps to envelope printing at home.

First, check your options and get your supplies. Pick out your size envelopes after looking to see what your home printer is compatible with. Certain printers can only handle envelope printing of certain sizes, so check this before spending your budget.

Next, load your word processing program along with your contact list. Whether you have Word, Works, or most other word processing programs, there are envelope printing templates that you can use for your project. Simply open a new document from a template and choose one for envelope printing. Once it is loaded, many word processing programs have a ‘wizard' or ‘help' that can walk you through importing your entire invitation list.

Finally, make sure you have the ink and the time. Check your printer to make sure that you will be able to print your entire project. Nothing is worse than running out in the middle. When it comes to time, envelope printing involves a lot of error checking. Double check your addresses and formatting to make sure that all of the information fit, for all of your invitees.

Is custom stationary good to give a recent graduate?

Custom Stationery Makes For a Great Gift

Gifts are so hard to pick out that it can be frustrating. A great gift for any event that will require thank you cards to be sent is custom stationery. If you have a graduation, important birthday, bar mitzvah, or event like these, you can give a great unique gift of custom stationery.

Stationery is a great way to give a personal gift without spending large amounts of dollars. Do not get me wrong, there are many brands of custom stationery that will cost an arm and a leg. However, there are lower priced alternatives that can still leave a lasting impression.

Check your local shopping mall for stores such as Things Remembered. These places can customize any number of styles of stationery for your recipient. You can also find many custom stationary printers online where you can save even more. No matter where you get it, if you are stuck thinking of a gift idea, try stationery for your next event.

Should I use custom envelope printing for my next mailing?

Envelope Printing for Mass Mailings

Any company that markets through mass mailings can tell you that the envelope printing can be the biggest hassle. It takes careful planning and quality control to ensure that your campaign has its best chance of success. Here are some things to look out for in envelope printing for your next marketing campaign.

First, how is your lead list? Are you confident in your addresses and other information? I hope so. The most errors occurring in envelope printing are from mistakes in the recipient's information. Because of the high costs of this type of campaign, you should be sure that your contact list is from a qualified source.

Also, will you be using bulk-postage or hand stamping after envelope printing? If you want to pre-print your bulk stamps, check with your printer to see if they can help. Sometimes, this is available in envelope printing and sometimes you will have to bulk stamp on your own.

Lastly, there is the obvious issue of design. Costs of envelope printing will be most affected by your choices of size, color, and decoration. These choices should all be framed around the point of your campaign. Look to your envelope printing company for design assistance from their knowledge and past experience.

How do I get a stationery sample?

Obtaining a Stationery Sample

One important step in getting stationery professionally printed is seeing a sample of it before actually committing to purchasing the letterhead or other item, such as wedding stationery. Professionally printed stationery is expensive, generally speaking, so you will want to make sure that the letterhead is completely to your liking before buying it. There are usually two steps to the letterhead sample or wedding stationery sample. Before you ever start working with a printer, you can request a sample of their printing styles and papers. This way, you can see what type of paper and ink you'd like to use, as well as being able to compare the materials from several different printing companies. The second sample is often called a “proof”, and it's usually a printout of exactly what your stationery is going to look like. In the digital process, it's important to make sure that the printed version of your stationer matches the design as you see it on your computer screen. In the case of wedding stationery, you will often choose a template as your design, and won't even see it on a computer screen, so it's doubly important to see a proof. Reputable printers will be happy to assist you with both types of stationery samples.

Can I order custom stationary on the Internet?

Stationery Printing Services Online

Custom stationery is great for people who send a good deal of personal correspondence. It can give your recipient a smile when they check their mail because they know that this parcel is from you. If you are looking for custom stationery, you can find great prices and an enormous selection of styles on the Internet.

Stationery comes in many shapes, sizes, and quality levels. First, use the Internet to research the type of stationery that you are looking for. Costs will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but with stationery, you basically will get what you pay for. Know as much as you can absorb before making your purchase.

Once you know what type of stationery you want, move on to style. Shop around, as different makers have different available styles. You can even custom design your own borders, backgrounds, and letterhead. Consult with a few stationary companies to make sure you are choosing from all of your available options.

After you have chosen your style and design, it is time to move to print. Printing your stationery can be pricy, depending on how intricate your design is. Price compare to make sure you get the best deal. Choose your quantity carefully as you don't want to run out of your stationary and more than you want 1,000 extra sheets lying around in 5 years. There, you can now order your stationery and get it delivered to you without ever having to brave the shopping mall.

How do I have company letterhead created?

Having Company Letterhead Created

If you are the head of a company or business, chances are you've thought about having some company letterhead created or redone. Luckily, there are many easy ways to have letterhead made that can work for all situations. You may want to choose to have just one sort of company letterhead made, with no specific name listed in the letterhead. That way, anyone in your company or agency can use the same style of letterhead and just sign their own name at the bottom. Or, you could choose to have one digital file designed, and then change just the name within the file to have separate amounts of letterhead printed. If you choose the second option, make sure to proof each name carefully (have the printer print a sample sheet from each name) – remember, once a custom printed item has been completed, many printers will not refund your money for mistakes as it was up to you to look over the proof sheet.

How do I create a business letterhead?

Creating a Business Letterhead

When you need to have business letterhead printed, you'll often have an idea in mind of how you want it to look. You, or someone in your office, could create the layout of your business letterhead on the computer, or you could have a design or printing firm create it for you. If you choose to layout your own letterhead, be sure to include any graphics (such as logos) or fonts used in the layout when giving your digital file to your letterhead printer. Also be aware that some companies only accept digital files in certain formats; some of the most commonly accepted formats are PDF (portable document format), Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. Then you'll want to pick your paper (paper made with cotton is considered among the most professional) and ink (thermal, or raised ink, or flat ink are two options). Finally, be sure to ask for a “proof”, or a single copy of your letterhead, before you have your entire order of letterhead printed. It's important to make sure that your business letterhead looks exactly the way you want before your entire run is printed.

What types of stationery are there to choose from?

Types of Stationery

There are many different types of stationery to choose from, so how do you know which type is right for you? First of all, you'll want to decide what sort of correspondence that you'll be doing with the stationery you purchase. If you're planning to write informal notes or letters for personal use, a simple note card with just your name printed on it can be an excellent choice. You could also choose to have a note pad printed with your name at the top - such as those pages that are labeled “A Note From...”, and letters written on this type of paper give a personal touch. If you're looking for stationery that's a bit more professional, you could go with a typeset letterhead, on a letter size (8.5” x 11”) sheet of paper. This type of stationery is perfect for running through your computer's printer, and can be used for correspondence ranging from slightly formal letters to professional, legal documents.

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