Proofreading Announcements

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How do I proofread printable announcements?

Proofreading Announcements

Proofreading is important before ordering printable announcements. This is because printed announcements cannot be returned unless there is an actual problem within the printers control. Misspellings, incorrect dates and times, wrong addresses--these are mistakes that are not within the printers control and simply can't be remedied other than by re-ordering with corrections. Worse yet, once incorrect information has been sent to friends and family, new information must be resent, which costs even more in postage.

Before ordering printed announcements, check that the names of the party are spelled correctly. Be sure that the time, date and location are all spelled accurately and correctly represent the affair being showcased on the printable announcement. You will also want to ensure that other information on the printable announcements is correct, for example graduation announcements should include the grade and school, birth announcements should include the infant's name and birth date.

Check the printable announcements at least twice prior to ordering from an online printed announcements service like, this will save you time, money and embarrassment. A good tip is to have a 'fresh eye' like a friend or family member go over the printable announcements with you while proofreading.



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