Unique Announcements

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Where can I get unique announcements?

Unique Announcements

Unique announcements can be considered any announcement that there is not a standard format for. This can be anything, like a new accomplishment in life or business that you are proud of. Yes, you can send an email announcement for the little things, but grandparents can't put an email of your child's first place award on the wall, and customers are not likely to print out an email of a new business service and stick it on the refrigerator.

For example, hitting the ten year mark in a business service is a great reason to create a unique announcement--be sure to add your business logo to yours! Another example of a great reason to send out a unique announcement is a family accomplishment, like a report card with perfect marks or short story publication. Even a new web site for the family or business is a great reason to send out unique announcements. Family reunions are also a great reason, and a neat idea is to include an older family photo printed right on the unique announcements! These cards should explain the basics: who, what, when and where. A simple few sentences that explain what occurred and why it is special is all that's needed in your unique announcements. Specialty online printing services like VistaPrint.com let you design your own custom announcements, and you can even use your own images.



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