Timing Custom Invitations and Announcements

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When should you order and send custom invitations and announcements?

Timing Custom Invitations and Announcements

The timing of ordering printed custom invitations and announcements is important. Ordering the printing too late can create organizational conflicts for guests, and ordering too early can leave one unprepared for changes in dates and times that may occur. When timing printing of custom invitations and announcements, it is important to have the majority of celebration affairs pre-scheduled.

For example, in baptism announcements one wants to have the baptismal location, time and date already scheduled before sending custom invitations and announcements. It is also important to have decorations and catering scheduled in line with the affair. Extras such as flowers and food should be organized before sending out baptism announcements or custom invitations and announcements, this will prevent conflicts between the different services and locations necessary for the affair.

It is important to ensure the invitations are received by the guests at least six weeks before the event. This means that printed custom invitations and announcements should be ordered at least ten to twelve weeks in advance of the affair date to prevent problems with receiving and sending custom invitations and announcements. It should take less than a week to receive custom invitations and announcements, and then another two weeks for guests to receive the invitations. Specialized custom invitation and announcement services like VistaPrint.com offer expedited shipping services if needed.



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