Desktop Calendar Printing

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Can I make and sell custom personal calendars?

Desktop Calendar Printing

What type of calendar do you have on your desk? Word of the day? Bible verse? Maybe a cartoon? Small desktop calendars personalize most office workers desks across the land. Have you ever had an idea for your own series of desktop calendars? Don't hold back on your idea, you may miss out.

Desktop calendar printing is available from many commercial printing companies. There are a few considerations you should take into account. First, what type of calendar printing are you interested in? Try to paint yourself a picture of what you are looking for in terms of size, mechanical function (standing or sitting calendar), and the like. These are factors that will greatly influence the calendar printing company you choose. Second, are you interested in printing exclusively black and white text or incorporating color images? There is a difference in the calendar printing costs and services associated with each, so know which you are looking for. Lastly, what quantity of calendars are you looking to print? Do you want to distribute these through the retail market or are you simply looking for your own personal style? Either way, certain calendar printing companies cannot support larger production runs and others can. Determine your order size needs prior to embarking on your project.

Remember these few things when you are looking into doing your own calendar printing and you will have a far easier experience.



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