Folded Print Calendar

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How can I get a unique Folded Print Calendar?

Folded Print Calendar

A folded print calendar is a horizontally or vertically folded card stock with a full year calendar on the inside and a custom image on the outside. A folded print calendar makes an excellent gift for customers, business associates, sports teams and friends. You can customize the front with a business logo, holiday greeting, or family photograph. The inside can be customized with a special message to create a unique folded print calendar.

A good tip is to order your folded print calendar with matching envelopes. One neat image idea is to use a special design service like the Collage Card Upload found at, which allows you to create a collage effect from multiple photographs. Folded print calendars are very versatile business advertising tools. They can showcase your business logo, personalized message, act as a holiday greeting, and be used year-round by the customer. Another tip is to send the folded print calendar to business and personal associates. Like a holiday card, it can come with a familiar greeting yet be unique enough that the folded print calendar adds a personal touch of friendliness and professionalism.



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