Custom Calendar Printing Accessories

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What kind of accessories are available if I do custom printing?

Custom Calendar Printing Accessories

If you are the crafty type and particularly enjoy custom calendar printing, there are some fairly cheap accessories that can make your final product that much nicer. Here are some examples of great ways to accessorize your custom calendar printing.

• Binding – From spirals to adhesives, there are many binding options available for your calendar. If you like using a plastic or metal spiral, don't forget to buy a sturdy three-hole punch to make your holes.

• Lamination – If you want to protect your custom calendar printing project, you will want to laminate your pages. Calendars need to last for 12 months and. in that time, accidents can happen. Lamination is cheap, fast and well worth it to ensure that your project makes it through your busy year.

• Stands – For smaller, desktop calendars, back-stands are a great way to save desk space and make it so the date is always right under your nose. These plastic or cardboard stands are low-cost and will last through more than a single calendar year—this one purchase will accessorize your next 3 custom calendar printing projects.

Your custom calendar should be as custom and unique as you can make it. Change around your accessories to accomplish just that.



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