Business Card Printing History

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What is the history of business card printing?

Business Card Printing History

Business card printing started out in Europe in the 17th century, when the wealthy had visiting or calling cards printed for personal use. These personal cards evolved over the century, and then became trade cards, which were developed in London as an advertising aid and even as a guide to their stores – as these trade cards often had maps printed on them. By the 20th century, trade cards and personal cards had merged into business cards, with all different socioeconomic classes using the cards to notify people of their business affiliation. Where business card printing started out as being elaborate, with engravings and scrolls, in the 20th century business card printing became much more structured and plain, with just the pertinent information. Now, with the advent of cheaper printing methods, business cards are even more elaborate, with full color pictures and other logos often prominent on the cards – making carrying around business card cases full of cards a typical sight.



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