Brochure and Catalog Printing

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What's the difference between brochure and catalog printing?

Brochure and Catalog Printing

Brochure and catalog printing often fall into the same area. While some brochures are short and to the point, other brochures share enough information about a business and what it sells (or does) so as to constitute a catalog. Most brochure and catalog printing takes place on the same quality of paper, usually a 100# double sided glossy paper stock – and it's possible to combine your brochure and catalog into one document. Some companies use the front cover of their catalog as a type of brochure that lets customers know about their company's ideas and beliefs, and this can be considered a type of cheap brochure printing, as two separate documents do not need to be printed. Many of the same rules apply when designing brochures and catalogs – don't overcrowd your pages, use a readable font, and graphics and pictures should be crisp and clear.



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