Printing in Color or Black and White

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How do I change my setting so that it prints the right color?

Printing in Color or Black and White

Setting, setting, setting is the key to printing desired resolutions. Before you print, make sure the followings are in order: Page set-up, Background Color, Desired color; Black & white or color. These menus can be found on the Print window that usually pops up when you click on print. Print-Preview is another way to make sure your printing comes out in the desired color. Whether you are printing a job you created yourself or one created somewhere else, the key to getting the desired resolution or color, is to do your own setting before you print. Sometimes, when you print a job from the network or local, the job comes in specific settings. Unless these settings are locked, you can change them to your own. It's very easy to neglect settings and previewing a job before printing, yet it's the best bet.



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