Business Cards - Put Them in Your Presentation Folders

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What should I provide with my business proposal in my presentation folder?

Business Cards - Put Them in Your Presentation Folders

Do you have a big meeting coming up with a potential client or customer? Are you providing them with a business proposal or other information for their review? If you are passing out presentation folders to those in attendance, make sure you take advantage of the presentation folders that have pre-cut slots for your business cards.

By including your business card with your presentation folders, you are branding that specific folder as yours. Your meeting may be only one of many that they are performing, and it is important to stand out. Don't let them forget your name or number. These pre-cut slots inside your presentation folder are made to fit standard size business cards. If your business cards are not standard shape, consult a professional presentation folder printing company to special order some for your next meeting.

Including business cards in your presentation folders can help drive home a deal. Look into using these folders, if you do not already, for your next meeting.



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