Full Color Printing Defined

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What is full color printing?

Full Color Printing Defined

Printing terminology gets complicated when you get into bulk, professional printing services. With all of your choices, knowing the right direction takes knowledge of this terminology. If you are looking for full color printing, let me help you understand what it is you are looking for.

As opposed to black and white printing, full color printing uses four standard colors. These are yellow, cyan (a color between blue and green), magenta, and black. These first three colors are complementary to hues of red, blue, and green. By layering these colors on top on one another, you can create colors from an enormous spectrum. Hence the term, ‘full color printing'.

Black is still used in full color printing because, well, black is still a color. Most color prints contain at least some black needed. I hope that this helped you understand full color printing a little better, but there is much more to know. Consult with a professional printing company for advice on how you can find the right full color printing choices for you.



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