Catalog Printing on the Web

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Should I move my catalogue printing to the Internet as well?

Catalog Printing on the Web

The Internet as a retail and wholesale marketplace is growing day by day. Traditional catalog printing was exclusive to paper catalogs, however, most companies today are finding that including the Web in their catalogue printing plans offers high returns.

If you are thinking of moving your catalog onto the Web, what are you waiting for? Studies show that increases in online purchases are between 10% and 50%, annually, depending on the sector. Catalog printing and distribution on the Web is easy and can be done fast, just follow these steps:

• Your first step is to contact a web developer. You can do this through one of the monsters like Yahoo! Stores or a smaller, more custom boutique development shop.

• Next, be sure to incorporate the design of your printed catalog with the design of your online catalogue. It is always recommended to brand yourself and your products as much as possible through your web design.

• Lastly, an advantage not available in traditional catalog printing, you can make it so customers can order their products directly when they see them. Get your company an online merchant account through PayPal, Verisign, or any number of available processors. Set-up is easy and now you can cut the time needed for your customers to make their purchases.

Don't waste another minute only using paper catalogue printing. Make the move to the Internet and you will reap the benefits in no time.



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