Factors to Consider in Direct Mail Printing

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What is involved in direct mail printing?

Factors to Consider in Direct Mail Printing

Many factors come into play in direct mail campaigns. Even after you have resolved your direct mail recipient list issues, there are still more factors to consider. There are so many options available in direct mail printing that this can often make for the most difficult decisions. Factors to consider in direct mail printing are not much different than most other types of printing. First, you need to think about:

• Size
• Weight
• Color options
• Cut

Each of these factors of direct mail printing will affect your campaign budget and distribution speed. Consider each carefully before ordering your printing. More factors include:

• Packaging
• Distribution

Many direct mail printing companies will include all of these with their packages. Be sure to inquire when choosing your printer. The factors involved with direct mail printing can seem overwhelming, but if you find the right printing company, your experience will be the opposite.



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