Brochure Printing - What's the 'Bleed'?

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What is a 'bleed' in brochure printing?

Brochure Printing - What's the 'Bleed'?

With all of the terminology in the brochure printing industry, some terms need explanation for most people. Among these terms is the 'bleed'. In brochure printing, as well as other printing, a 'bleed' is a design element where the color elements run to the edge of your printed brochure.

Using a bleed can make your final product look more professional. It can also cause the cost of your brochure printing project to go up. Because the bleed goes to the edge of the paper, your brochure printing will be done on a slightly larger sheet than your final product. Printing on a larger initial piece of paper means you still pay for the whole sheet.

*If you are trying to keep your brochure printing project to a low cost, you should ask your printing company to avoid bleeds.



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