Four Ideas: Custom Invitations

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How do I come up with different custom invitations?

Four Ideas: Custom Invitations

If you're trying to come up with custom invitations, but are having a little trouble with ideas, we've got some ways to get those creative juices flowing. Here are four ideas for coming up with custom invitations.

1. Browse through magazines. You can get ideas for motifs, color schemes and design patterns just by flipping through a glossy publication. Everything from graphic magazines to fashion magazines can give you the ideas you need.
2. Look at motifs from your party theme. For instance, if you're throwing a birthday celebration for your daughter with a pink princess theme, think about how you could apply that to custom invitations. Images of ballet slippers and tiaras are all appropriate.
3. Decide on the formality. If you're throwing a formal birthday affair, the card should be the same tone. If you're throwing a casual afternoon get-together, convey that in your card design.
4. Use color and text. Custom invitations don't just use graphics and/or photos. Consider using bright colors to convey a fun theme or a more subdued one for a more serious affair. Likewise, the fonts you choose should match the mood of your party.



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