Ordering Personalized Stationery

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How do I order personalized stationery?

Ordering Personalized Stationery

There are many different types of personalized stationery available, for both business and personal usage. If you choose to have personalized stationery created for your own non-business use, you can be sure that you'll have tons of styles to choose from. Most personal stationery comes in one of two forms: the note card, which is a heavy sheet of card stock that is folded in half, or notepaper. Note cards are very popular for correspondence that is short and to the point, such as a thank you note, while notepaper, which comes in various sizes, is used for longer letters. When ordering personalized stationery for personal use, you can also choose from many different headers – some choose just their first name, while others will have their entire name, and even return address, printed at the top of the sheet. How much or how little information you have printed on your personal stationery will depend on the formality of your correspondence and your own taste. Personalized stationery can be fun, and it can definitely show the personality of the person using it. A stationery gift is also a great idea, just remember to make sure it fits the style of the person you're giving it to – think classic and formal for your grandmother, while if you're giving a gift of stationery to a child, you might want to purchase something with brighter colors and a whimsical look. A stationery gift reminds people just how much a handwritten letter can be appreciated, and also lets the recipient know how admired they are, as personalized gifts are always more special.



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