Print Newsletter – Paper Choices

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What kind of choices of paper do I have for my print newsletter?

Print Newsletter – Paper Choices

When designing a print newsletter, you have several choices to make. Besides the obvious choices, such as whether you're going to print the newsletter in color or how long the newsletter should be, you'll also have to decide what sort of paper you're going to use. Typically, newsletters come in one of two sizes: 8.5”x11” (letter size) paper, which is usually not folded and is either stapled or bound, and 11”x17” (tabloid size) paper. 11”x17” paper is usually folded over when it's used for a print newsletter, and in this way it forms a booklet that's 8.5”x11” in size. You also need to decide what type of paper you're going to print your newsletter on. If you're going for a full color newsletter, professional print companies can offer papers such as 70# uncoated white paper (this is a much heavier than normal copy paper) all the way up to a thick 80# glossy or matte paper for a truly professional look. If you'd prefer to print your newsletter in black and white, you could choose to get your print newsletter done on one of the many colored papers available from both copy shops and professional print companies.



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