What is Silk Screen Printing?

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What is silk screen printing?

What is Silk Screen Printing?

Silk screen printing is one of the many different types of printing available. This type of printing is usually performed using a porous fabric (silk is one of the types of fabric used originally), and involves using the fabric, a stencil, and ink or paint, to “screen” (print) out a clear image onto another material. At this time, however, the porous fabric that is used is generally polyester, because the use of silk was discontinued in the 1940's due to World War II. The materials that can be silk screened range from such items as fabric and ceramics, to paper and canvas. Silk screen printing started out as an industrial process, but was later adopted by artists and other craftspeople in order to create new and different looks in art. Silk screening is an efficient and professional way to print logos and images onto many different items



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