Envelope Printing From Home

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Is envelope printing available on my home computer?

Envelope Printing From Home

Do you have a party or event coming up? Want to save a little on your invitations? Envelope printing from your own computer and printer is easy and can save you the costs of using a professional. Here are the simple steps to envelope printing at home.

First, check your options and get your supplies. Pick out your size envelopes after looking to see what your home printer is compatible with. Certain printers can only handle envelope printing of certain sizes, so check this before spending your budget.

Next, load your word processing program along with your contact list. Whether you have Word, Works, or most other word processing programs, there are envelope printing templates that you can use for your project. Simply open a new document from a template and choose one for envelope printing. Once it is loaded, many word processing programs have a ‘wizard' or ‘help' that can walk you through importing your entire invitation list.

Finally, make sure you have the ink and the time. Check your printer to make sure that you will be able to print your entire project. Nothing is worse than running out in the middle. When it comes to time, envelope printing involves a lot of error checking. Double check your addresses and formatting to make sure that all of the information fit, for all of your invitees.



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