Advice When Printing a Book with a Printing Company

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What should I ask of my printing company if I am writing a book?

Advice When Printing a Book with a Printing Company

Congratulations! You've written your masterpiece and are ready to take it to print. There are many options you have, depending on your printing company, and here are some common recommendations that can help make your masterpiece a success.

• Use a title page. Ask your printing company about having a typeset title page. It can add to the appearance of any book and can contain text, photos, or art. Your printing company may have limited options so be sure to ask.

• Card Catalogue Number – See if your printing company can help you obtain a card catalogue number from the Library of Congress. You must obtain this number prior to printing, so you need to know if your printing company can help or if you need to pursue it on your own. Don't worry, it isn't that hard.

• Paper Stock – Depending on the length of your work, the paper stock will give the greatest impression to the reader. This will also depend on whether your book will be printed in hard or soft cover. Check with your printing company and see samples of each stock before choosing.

You are almost there. Get with your printing company and make sure they can give you what you are looking for. If not, find another printing company who can.



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