Printing Bumper Stickers for Fun and Profit

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Is printing bumper stickers a viable part-time business?

Printing Bumper Stickers for Fun and Profit

One of the easiest start-up businesses that anyone can do is printing one form of product or another. Printing bumper stickers is a choice that many make and it can do very well for many. If you can come up with the ideas that turn into phrases or imagery that people want to buy, printing bumper stickers could be for you.

There are many printing companies that can quickly get you set up to start printing your custom stickers. First, get a good roster of ideas set on paper. You will need your actual designs before you begin printing. Next, contact several printing companies and price out your options. Check for color availability, size options, and what style of printing they use.

Once you have found the right price for your product, you are on your way. Finding the right ideas can be fun and because of the low costs of printing bumper stickers, it can also be very profitable.



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