Considerations for Designing Your Own Logo on Custom Business Cards

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What do I need to consider when designing my own logo?

Considerations for Designing Your Own Logo on Custom Business Cards

The logo can be the single most identifiable object in your business. A logo represents what your company is about, leaves an impression on your clients or customers and is the basis for your organization's corporate identity. So where do you start when trying to come up with a logo on custom business cards? Here are some considerations every company should think about when creating logos for custom business cards.

1. What do you want your logo to say about your company? Think about whether you want your logo to be corporate and austere, fun and whimsical or somewhere in between.
2. What type of image do you want your logo to be? Logos can be graphics that utilize a play on words, an icon that denotes a company's image or an illustrative graphic that depicts your company's business.
3. How will you make your logo stand out? Logos, when effective, are memorable images that people easily recognize. Will you use color, imagery or some other element to make your logo stand apart from the others?



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