Moving Announcements

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What is a good way to send out moving announcements?

Moving Announcements

Just bought a house? Moving to another town? Or relocating temporarily? One way to let those you want to keep in contact with know is by sending out moving announcements. Moving announcements can be more efficient than calling by phone as well as reasonable for your pocketbook. By printing your own moving announcements and sending them out, you can personalize it as well. Here are a few ideas for printing your own moving announcements:

1. Use a printing template and just input your own information.
2. Snap a photo of your new home and use it as a background on the card.
3. Incorporate landmarks from the city you're moving to in the design of the announcement.
4. Upload a photo of your family to print with the moving announcement.
5. Scan a drawing your child did of his/her new home and use that as the background for your moving announcement.



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