What do you mean, cheap?

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How can I save money on my printing jobs?

What do you mean, cheap?

It is very true in the printing business that you get what you pay for. The best way to determine what is cheap printing is who is your audience? Is it a bunch of second graders who would be happy with colorful paper or are you trying to impress a future employer or customer?
Find out the track record of any discount printer. What have other business associates said? If cheap means bad, do you want that to reflect on your business or interest?
Cheap may mean that they cannot provide all printing services. Again, as a consumer what are you looking for in a printer and end project results?
I am all for discount or cheap printing, but quality is also important. I would rather pay more for a good quality print job than pay a fraction of that for something that is unsatisfying and a poor reflection of what I am trying to inform other people about.



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