Business Cards

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How can I get the most out of my business cards?

Business Cards

I believe that business card printing can be one of the most abused forms of printing out there. So many people print up hundreds of business cards and later realize that a small error makes the whole collection worthless except to paper the walls of their cubicle.
If you are printing up brand-new, never been used or designed before cards, I suggest that you go to the nearest office supply place, buy some of that perforated business card sheets and go to town. Design your own, show them to friends and family and get their input. Find out if you forgot to list your phone number, address, cell or fax number or even a slogan describing what service/product/concept you are providing. This eliminates wastes, is environmentally-friendly and best yet, saves your ego for more proper-like bruising on higher or more important subjects.



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