Bid, bid, who's got the bid?

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How do I get the best bid?

Bid, bid, who's got the bid?

Always, always, always get multiple bids. Perhaps your cousin Ernie knows the manager of the shop on the corner and has always been pleased with the results, but that's Ernie.
Small and large printing companies have turnover and policy changes and even though somone you know got a good deal a few months ago, check it again. Especially since last year's natural prices have not only driven up the cost of construction, they have affected another product formed from trees -- paper.
Get at least three bids and listen to the staff as they prepare your bid. Do you feel comfortable handing your project over to them? Do they sound competent? More importantly, do they make you feel that your project is important to them as well?
Get it in writing and make sure it is the person who normally does the bids and not someone fully trained in their pricing.



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