Saving Money on Color Printing

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How can I save money on color printing?

Saving Money on Color Printing

Full color printing can be a great tool to promote your business or company. Unfortunately, it is not inexpensive – in fact, it can be quite pricey depending on the number of items you need to get printed and the type of items you are printing. There are some ways to cut back on the cost of color printing, however, and the first way is to search for a good professional printer. Online color printers are often able to offer the cheapest prices on full color printing, and may also have sales and other promotions to bring down the price. Another tip is to use full color printing as an accent to your printed piece – you can save money by just printing the cover and a few graphics in color for a proposal or catalog, and just printing the text portions in black and white. Using color as an eye-catching accent can be a great way to save versus printing the entire job in color.



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