Color Printing at Home

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How can I have color printing at home?

Color Printing at Home

Many smaller businesses or home users would like to make color prints, but don't have the need or the money for a professional printer. Today, home color printing is cheaper than ever - with color inkjet printers often costing less than $75. Home color printing is based on the same four color process that professional printing is – just on a smaller scale and at a lower resolution. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) inks are used in combination on an inkjet printer, and are sprayed onto the paper in a dot pattern. The overlaying dots combine to make a full color spectrum, but they are not as accurate as other printing methods. This explains why inkjet prints at home sometimes do not match the original. Inkjet color printing is still a great resource for small amounts of color prints and for a low cost way to make just a few color prints at a time.



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