Pantone and Color Printing

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What are Pantone colors in color printing?

Pantone and Color Printing

Pantone color is a color matching system that was developed in the 1960's for the printing industry. It allows printers (as well as designers) to choose colors from a prearranged palette, and then use this colors knowing that they will translate the same on any printer or press. Pantone allows those in the color printing field to either mix inks directly (as in spot color) or on the printed page (as in four color process printing) to match a Pantone color (known by its number). Pantone swatch cards allow designers to choose a color and use that in their design, and each Pantone color has its CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) equivalent proportions listed on its swatch, so that printers can recreate the color correctly. Pantone colors are a great way to make sure that your idea of a color and the color that is printed match.



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