Types of Color Printing

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What are some types of color printing?

Types of Color Printing

There are a few different types of color printing available to choose from when looking for color prints. Spot color printing is a type of color printing that involves using an ink color in a single run. These prints are generally used when making a color item such as a letterhead, where there are usually just one or two colors used. The primary systems that are used to choose a spot color are known as Pantone, DIC, Toyo and ANPA, and each system uses a different classification system to assign names to specific colors. Full color printing is another option, usually performed on an offset press. Other types of color printing include inkjet prints (inkjet printers use a combination of colored ink to create a full range of colors) and color copiers (which use a range of colored toner powders to create a full range of colors).



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