Custom Business Card

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How do I get a custom business card printed?

Custom Business Card

If you need a business card that will help you stand out from the crowd, a custom business card can give you and your business the edge you need. Custom business card design can be done in many different types of business card software – from design programs like Quark Xpress, to specialized programs made to work with perforated business card paper (such as the Avery or HP business card paper for home use). When designing a custom business card, it's important to learn your printer's limitations and rules so that you can design within that guideline. Most printers will want you to leave a .25 inch border on the outside of your custom business card design for cutting purposes, unless you are paying extra to have a “full bleed” (printed to the very edge with ink). You'll also want to ask how they prefer you send the custom business card file, and what format is best. This way, you'll get exactly the custom business card you want.



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