Business Cards 101

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What are some facts about business cards?

Business Cards 101

When you need to get some business cards, whether you're part of a large company or just a lone businessperson, there are some key choices you need to make before ordering that set of cards. Business cards come in a standard size of 3.5”x2”, and you can choose from a variety of different inks, papers and colors to customize your business cards. A typical order of business cards starts at around 500 cards, and depending on the complexity of the card, can range greatly in price. Thermographic (thermal or raised) inks, linen or vellum papers and full color printing can all be options when getting business cards created, as well as one or two sides to your cards.



12/4/2008 11:09:59 AM
Linda Janssen said:

Wonderful tips! I'm about to start a small business and the info about my business cards is very helpful. I will be tuning in for more tips from this site.


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