Designing a Brochure

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How do I design a brochure?

Designing a Brochure

Designing a brochure can be difficult, however, if you stick to designing your brochure for a specific purpose, you can make this task a bit easier. First of all, you'll want to decide why you're making your brochure and how you're going to distribute it. If you're planning on making a comprehensive brochure highlighting everything in your company, you might be better off using a larger format brochure (such as a folded 11”x17”) and using it to respond to inquiries about your company. Designing a brochure for direct mailing would go a bit differently. Since you want this brochure to be a general introduction to your company, you wouldn't make it as large or comprehensive. Instead, a trifolded 8.5”x11” sheet would be easier to mail as well as being shorter for potential clients to read.



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