Printing Invoices - Don't Get Caught in Digital

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Should I be printing hard copies of my invoices?

Printing Invoices - Don't Get Caught in Digital

In the age of Quickbooks and other electronic billing systems, many people who run small businesses neglect printing paper invoices for their own records. There are many reasons you should be printing your billing invoices and here are a few.

• Tax Time – All of us love tax time. When it comes around, if you do not have an accountant who can import your electronic banking records, you will find that having paper invoices printed saves you from many days worth of printing at once. Keep a running practice of printing all year round.

• Computer Failure – If you keep all of your records on a computer, be sure you back them up. Sometimes, even the back-ups can be lost. If this ever happens, you will be happy that you were printing your invoices the whole time. Computers and networks go down all the time. By printing paper invoices you always have a ‘hard' back-up.

• Universal Acceptance – Many companies do not accept electronic invoices. If you are already printing invoices to send to many of your clients, little effort is needed. Just start printing an extra copy for yourself and put them into a designated folder or file system.

Do not get stuck in a predicament because we are in the digital age. Printing hard copies of your invoices can save you many headaches down the road.



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