Full Color Printing on CDs and DVDs

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Can I print in full color on my homemade CDs and DVDs?

Full Color Printing on CDs and DVDs

As common as creating your own CDs and DVDs have become, there have been equal enhancements in printing labels for your custom multimedia. Beyond the labels that you can buy and stick onto your creations, there is now, also, full color printing through direct transfer and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Many printer manufacturers have now introduced personal thermal printers for full color printing on CDs and DVDs, specifically. These machines from companies such as Primedia, are not as expensive as you may think and make a final product comparable with any production company.

If you enjoy making your own music or video and want the complete package, look into these personal, full color printing packages. The quality is outstanding and there is no more worrying about getting that sticker on just right.



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