Even More Color? Advances in Color Printing

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Will the spectrum ever increase for color printing?

Even More Color? Advances in Color Printing

Traditional color printing has been limited by the number of colors available in the print process. We have all seen the four-color system that is in use in most home and office printers. Today, however, amazing things are on the brink of color printing.

With new six- and seven-color printing processes, called hexachromatic and hifi color printing, these advances in color printing have expanded the range of colors available on the printed page by producing images printed with more than the conventional four colors of the CMYK process. With these expanded ink colors, printing on paper can exceed the expectations of most viewers.

It goes without saying that printing in six or seven colors requires a more complex color separation process and a seven-color printing process, but the results are impressive. Soon, more printers will carry these capabilities, so keep your eye out for this, and other advances in color printing technology.



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