Basics of Custom Printing Services

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What is provided with custom printing servcies?

Basics of Custom Printing Services

Anything custom is innately unique, right? Wrong. While custom printing services may produce unique results, the industry itself is anything but custom. If you are looking for custom printing services, there are some basics that you should know about what is typically included.

Many custom printing services include design assistance. If you have an idea but are having a hard time putting it to paper, many custom printing service providers have design departments dedicated to this type of assistance. Double-check before you choose your printer to see if they have this capability.

Typically, when it comes to custom printing services, pricing only includes the item printed on, unless otherwise specified. In the case of printing invitations or mailings, the pricing can often include envelopes or other inserts. You will want to be sure of this as well when determining your budget.

Lastly, all custom printing services will include a required approval, from you, before proceeding with a final run. Make sure that the company you go with will offer you a glimpse at your final product before you may have to pay for their mistake.



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